Ducker jabs to victory

Chatteris Youth Amateur Boxing Club held their Summer Fight Night and Dinner on Saturday evening, and young Ryan Ducker put a very good display.

In the first bout of 12 on the evening Chatteris prospect Ducker came out on top against Lee Nicholson of South Holland.

Ducker was aggressive from the outset and Nicholson had no answer to his right jabs and he took the first round with ease. Round two was more even with Ducker just shading it.

In the third round the Chatteris lad worked very hard and Nicholson had to take a standing eight count. Ducker took a unanimous decision.

One of the big disappointments was that Junior ABA finalist, Jordan Gill reigning CYP Champion, had an opponent pull out and no replacement could be found.

Chatteris’s Dean Baxter lost out to James Lee of Cambridge. Lee commanded the first round and Baxter had to take two standing eight counts. In the end the Chatteris corner pulled the plucky Dean Baxter out of this one sided contest.

March’s Purce Baxter lost out to John Fowler from South Holland on a close majority points in an all-action fight between two good young boxers.

Jack Gleaves from the Wisbech Boxing Club struggled in the first round aginst Rob Smith of Cambridge, but in the next two rounds he found his range and took the bout with a narrow margin.

Marcus Mylozis, also from Wisbech, lost to Andy Henry (Welwyn Garden City). Mylozis had to take a standing eight count in the second round and Henry was the clear winner.

Chatteris coach Paul Gill said; “Thanks to Global Tiles for their sponsorship, thanks to all the officials during the evening the fans and above all the amateur boxers who put on a splendid show.”