Duo’s hat-trick haul helps Wisbech to win

Wisbech SC won the Senior Fenland League first round at Newmarket Saxons with 23 first places and 10 second places.

Phoebe Gallagher and Will Bell led the way each with three individual wins: Phoebe in the Open 100m Breaststroke, 12/u 50m Breaststroke, and 14/u 100m Breaststroke; Will in 14/u 100m Ind Medley, 14/u 100m Backstroke, and 14/u 100m Breaststroke.

Full results: Wisbech 189, Cambridge 163, Saxons 159, Chatteris 114, Bottisham 66,

Other 1sts – Katie Bell Open Butterfly 100m, Emily Kelly 10/u Breaststroke 50m PB, Hannah Brown 14/u Backstroke 100m PB, 12/u Backstroke 50m PB, Tom Hewitt 12/u Breaststroke 50m, Daniel Dale 14/u Butterfly 100m, Grace Cherry 12/u Freestyle 50m, 12/u Ind/Medley 100m, Oliver Newton 12/u Freestyle 50m, Jade Marsters Open Backstroke 100m, Open Freestyle 100m, Senior Medley Relay 4x25m Jade Marsters, Phoebe Gallagher, Katie Bell, Kate Newton, Senior Medley Relay 4x25m Dominic Hawkins, Will Bell, Matt Jakeman, Daniel Dale, Junior Freestyle Relay 4x25m Hannah Brown, Emily Kelly, Molly Cross, Grace Cherry, Junior Medley Relay 4x25m Emily Kelly, Phoebe Gallagher, Hannah Brown, Molly Cross, Senior Freestyle Relay 4x25m Will Bell, Matt Jakeman, Tom Kelly, Daniel Dale, Mixed Squadron Freestyle Relay 8x25m Oliver Harris, Emily Kelly, Oliver Newton, Grace Cherry, Will Bell, Kate Newton, Matt Jakeman, Jade Marsters.

2nd – Oliver Newton 12/u Backstroke 50m PB, Daniel Dale 14/u Freestyle 100m PB, Grace Cherry 12/u Butterfly 50m, Matt Jakeman Open Ind/Medley 100m, Oliver Harris 10/u Backstroke 50m, Dominic Hawkins Open Backstroke 100m PB, Emily Kelly 10/u Butterfly 50m PB, Oliver Newton 12/u Ind/Medley 100m, Matt Jakeman Open Freestyle 100m, Senior Freestyle Relay 4x25m Grace Cherry, Kate Newton, Jade Marsters, Katie Bell,

3rd – Oliver Harris 10/u Breaststroke 50m, Kate Newton 14/u Freestyle 100m, Robson Pack 12/u Butterfly 50m, Molly Cross 10/u Freestyle 50m, Katie Bell Open Ind/Medley 100m, Hannah Brown 14/u Butterfly 100m, Junior Freestyle Relay 4x25m Oliver Newton, Carl Purvey, Oliver Harris, Robson Pack, Junior Medley Relay 4x25m Oliver Newton, Oliver Harris, Robson Pack, Carl Purvey.

Polly Norman, Carl Purvey and Molly Cross all made their senior debuts.

l In the Senior Fenland League Chatteris Kingfishers managed two first places, 10 seconds and seven thirds, and 16 personal best times, of which seven were first ever swims of a particular race.

Mason Christy and Rachel Lee made their debuts. The first places both went to Gary Smith in Open 100m backstroke and breaststroke.

Second spots: Charlotte Riches in 14/U 100m front crawl (p.b.) and 100m butterfly, Kirsty Slyfield Open 100m backstroke, Kathleen Loveridge Open 100m I.M., Mark Thompson 100m front crawl, Gary Mavin Open 100m butterfly, Tyler Thomas 10/U 50m front crawl (p.b.), Finley Harper 10/U 50m breaststroke (p.b.) and the 14/U & Open male medley and front crawl relay teams.

PB times: Victoria Allen and Mason Christy 12/U 100m I.M.(both 1st time), Rebecca Clay and Mason Christy 12/U 50m breaststroke (both 1st time), Finley Harper 10/U 50m backstroke, Daniel Riches (10) first ever 100m butterfly, Victoria Allen and David Loveridge 12/U 50m front crawl, Rebecca Clay 12/U 50m backstroke, Liam Oliver 14/U 100m I.M. and 100m front crawl (both 3rd), Rachel Lee first ever 10/U 50m breaststroke and Victoria Allen first 12/U 50m butterfly.

l March Marlins attended the Senior Fenland League first round on Saturday at King’s Lynn.

Open swimmers Hannah Lifshack, Jamie Richardson, Ben Wright and Fiona Jakeman stepped in to help and to race.

The younger swimmers held their own with Marc Johnson gaining a brilliant 14 second personal best in the Open 100m Butterfly.

Other PBs: Luke Green 100m Freestyle, James Vardon 4x25m IM and 100m Breaststroke, Emily Morris 100m Backstroke, Ben Wright 100m Freestyle, Jacob Halls 4x25m Ind Medley and 50m Backstroke, Graham Shaw 50m Breaststroke and Kahra Cottam 50m Butterfly.

Second places: Chloe Richardson, Siobhan Halliday and Gemma McGowen. Thirds: James Vardon, Gemma McGowen, Graham Shaw, Siobhan Halliday, Sam Green and Emily Morris.