Duo take double victory

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Wisbech Swimming Club travelled to Boston battling snowy conditions to compete in the first round of the Junior Fenland League on Saturday.

The weather had stopped two other teams attending. The Wisbech swimmers delivered some sparkling performances. Robson Pack and Jack Lane both had double wins on the night; Robson in the 13/u 50m Backstroke and 13/u 100m Ind/Medley, both new personal best times, and also broke the cut off times.

Jack came first in the 10/u 50m Breaststroke and 11/u 50m Breaststroke (PB time). The team had 12 1st places, set 18 PB times and broke four cut off times. Making their debut for the team was: Beth Dennis, Oliver Harris and Erin Wright, also finishing first: Beth in the 9yrs 50m Breaststroke, Oliver 11/u 50m Freestyle and Erin 9yrs 50m Freestyle. This was also a first competitive swim in the league for Sasha Kitching, Ryan Carey, Jessica Rayner, and William Pentelow.

Full results: Deepings 176, Boston 167, Wisbech 159.

1st - Robson Pack 13/u 50m Backstroke pb, 13/u 100m Ind/Medley pb, Erin Wright 9yrs 50m Freestyle, Jack Lane 10/u 50m Breaststroke, 11/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Tom Hewitt 13/u 50m Breaststroke, Hannah Brown 13/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Oliver Harris 11/u 50m Freestyle, Jacob Rhodes 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, Phoebe Gallagher 13/u 50m Butterfly, Remi Clare 13/u 50m Freestyle, Beth Dennis 9yrs 50m Breaststroke.

2nd - Jacob Rhodes 12/u 100m IM pb, Oliver Harris 11/u 50m Backstroke pb, Jessica Rayner 11/u 50m Backstroke, 10/u 50m Freestyle, Emily Kelly 12/u 50m Breaststroke, 12/u50m Butterfly, Ryan Carey 9yrs 50m Backstroke pb, Erin Wright 10/u 25m Butterfly, Squadron 25m Relay William Pentelow, Erin Wright, Oliver Harris, Jessica Rayner, Jacob Rhodes, Emily Kelly, Lorimer Thomas, Remi Clare.

3rd- Sasha Kitching 12/u 100m IM pb, 12/u 50m Freestyle, Remi Clare 13/u 50m Backstroke, 13/u 100m IM pb, Ryan Carey 9yrs 50m Freestyle pb, 9yrs 50m Breaststroke pb, Jessica Rayner 10/u 50m Breaststroke, Oliver Harris 11/u 50m Butterfly pb, Erin Wright 11/u 50m Butterfly, Jacob Rhodes 12/u 50m Freestyle pb, 12/u 50m Butterfly, William Pentelow 10/u 50m Backstroke, 10/u 25m Butterfly, 10/u 50m Freestyle pb, Beth Dennis 11/u 50m Freestyle pb, Emily Kelly 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, Lorimer Thomas 13/u 50m Butterfly, Jack Lane 12/u 50m Breaststroke, Tom Hewitt 13/u 50m Freestyle, Molly Trevor 11/u 50m Breaststroke, 10/u 50m Backstroke.