Eagles edge handicap

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Only two Wisbech Table Tennis League results received in the first week of the Sleight Doubles Handicap group matches.

The first was Eagles’ team of Richard Mussett, Richard Cummins and Owen Turner against The Fossils’ Jerry Irving, Tim Hines and Wayne Jupp. As newcomers, Fossils received a generous handicap bonus of six points in each of the nine games.

The game opened with Mussett and Cummins against Irving and Hines which went all the way to five ends with The Fossils taking it in the end.

Eagles were grateful to the unbeaten pairing of Turner and Mussett to enable them to win 5-4.

Results: Eagles (5) R Mussett 2, R Cummins 1, O Turner 2; The Fossils (4) J Irving 1.5, T Hines 1.5, W Jupp 1. Walton Highway ‘A’ (2) M Forth 0.5, A Murray 1, P Reed 0.5; Squashed Kestrels (7) D Parnell 2.5, C Brown 2.5, M Knott 2.

Challenge Cup: The Fossils (3) T Hines 0.5, D Windsor 0.5, J Irving 2; Walton Highway ‘B’ (6) S Goodale 2.5, G Sheppard 2.5, D Hughes 1.