Eagles edge out Trojans

The two top teams in the Wisbech Table Tennis League Eagles and Trojans met in the fifth round of the Sleight Doubles Handicap.

Eagles team of Richard Mussett, Owen Turner and Richard Cummins had only one point advantage over Trojans team of John Blyth, Chad Bassett and Wayne Mason, but went through to the semi-finals.

Trojans started well winning the first three games but Eagles took the next two games.

It was slipping away and Trojans would have to win all the other games and then look to a count back of ends to see if they would qualify.

This was however academic as in the next game Eagles won comfortably in three ends. The match ended at 3-3 as unfortunately Trojans were playing two matches on the same night and decided to concentrate on the other match.

Teams qualifying for the semi-finals are from Group A Walton Highway B and Eagles. From Group B Welney and probably Institute but it could be Pegg Scaffolding if they beat Aqua 8-1 or better in the only outstanding match left to play.

Results: Welney 7 (S Kent 3, S Mason 2, J Loveday 2), Aqua 2 (R Dolan 0.5, T Furlong 0.5, M Bradshaw 1); Pegg Scaffolding 4 (M Skipper 1.5, B Pegg 1.5, P Pegg 1), Welney 5 (J Loveday 1.5, S Mason 2, S Kent 1.5); Institute C 3 (K Buck 1, L Sleight 1, G Norman 1), Institute 6 (M Knott, D Parnell 2, C Brown 2), Eagles 3 (R Mussett 1, O Turner 1, R Cummins 1), Trojans 3 (J Blyth 1, C Bassett1, W Mason 1).