EBF defeat

North Cambs EBF played their third and final Derbyshire game of the indoor season against Lincolnshire and lost 97-169 shots, 1-21 points.

These Derbyshire results have been very disappointing when North Cambs have done so well in the Eversley Trophy, winning all three games and qualifying for the National EBF Final at Newark in April with a game in hand.

Home, WIBC: R Croxford, S Engledow, R Jackson 17, Lincs 24; P Porter, K Bellamy, E Clarke, 21, Lincs 21; D Turner, B Plater, N Carter 20, Lincs 22.

Away, Lincoln IBC: D Stanton, E Dilnot, R Allen 17, Lincs 29; R Barr, S Dunne, F Howard 11, Lincs 29; C Waterson, D Dawson, P Cross 11, Lincs 34.

The final game of the indoor season is the Eversley Trophy against Hunts on Sunday at Hunts IBC.