Eve is top

Richard Eve was the top rider this week in the Wisbech Wheelers Tuesday evening series, just inside 22 mins with 12.57 followed in by veteran, Ken Roesner of the King’s Lynn club in 22.30.

The third rider, Doug McClure (22.55), is involved in a weekly battle with his son Matthew who gets quicker every time and was only 21 seconds behind with 23.16. The other father and son battle is between Steve Buttress (26.17), and his son who set off a minute behind him but was unable to catch his dad and came over the line six seconds later on 25.54.

Denese Hallahan was the only racer this weekend with most races cancelled because of road spray and she posted a solid 27.26 on Saturday in the ECCA 10 mile promotion.

Results, Tue, May 29, 9.7 miles: Ladies – E Roesner (vet) 28.48, D Hallahan (vet) 29.32. Juniors – C Buttress 25.54, N Steel 27.03, J Ashby 27.18. Seniors – R Eve 21.57, D McClure 22.55, M Mclure 23.16, J Kiernan 23.47, W Hall, 23.56, A Jenkins 24.06, P Nobbs 26.59. Veterans – K Roesner (KLCC) 22.30, A Ward 23.54, C Murley 24.59, S Buttress 26.17, A Twycross 27.47.