Fantastic turnout for dressage league

Sarah Chambers riding Midas
Sarah Chambers riding Midas

Fenland Equestrian Centre had a fantastic turnout for the Westbrook Forge Summer Dressage League.

The dressage league is now in full swing with several competitors already qualified for the September Championship Show. To be in with the chance of winning a cash prize, all you need to do is enter at a minimum of two dressage dates at F.E.C. and earn at least 10 points in your selected level of test. Prizes have kindly been sponsored by Barry Richards at Westbrook Forge. Thankyou to the judge Diana Fisher.

Next dressage show: Sunday, June 15. For more information or to book into a class, visit

Results, Intro B: 1 Clare Barcroft (Big Bess) 2 Sue Bramich (Faramir C.A) 3 Vicki Grey (SpongeBob) 4 Aimee Wallace (Neveah) 5 Katy Rumsey (Pilgrim) 6 Clare Barcroft (Abbey). Prelim 7: 1 Sarah Chambers -( Midas) 2- Helena Parkinson (Lonach of Forglen) 3 Sue Bramich (Faramir C.A) 4- Lucy Smith (Pilgrim) 5 Tina Cross (Evening Beauty) 6 Lynn Davis-Pannell (Corrib Buoy). Prelim 18: 1 Helena Parkinson (Lonach of Forglen) 2 Lynn Davis-Pannell (Corrib Buoy) 3 Janine Hagger (Floating Angel) 4 Tina Cross (Evening Beauty). Novice 27: 1 Kerry Wright (Empire Dancer) 2 Jenny Rushmer (Viva La Diva) 3 Aimee Wallace (Neveah). Novice 30: 1 Kerry Wright (Empire Dancer) 2 Sarah Williamson (Gandalf) 3 Sarah Williamson (Bert) 4 Jenny Rushmer (Viva La Diva) 5 Eleanor Brown-Ahern (WS Balourina) 6 Jo Chisam (Billy). Elementary 44: 1 Sarah Williamson (Gandalf) 2 Sarah Williamson -(Bert) 3 Jo Chisam (Billy).