Fenland in fine turnout

Sport News from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Sport News from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Fenland Running Club had a major turnout at the March AC Hereward Relay with seven teams among the 101 completing the four-stage 38.7 mile race and seven of the 23 runners finishing the ultra-challenge of running it as one leg!

Many of the new members took part, with many beating their individual target times for their stage.

Results (team name, finishing position, Stage 1,2,3 and 4 runner, stage position and time): Fenland Rich Chaps 19th 4.29.30; Richard Betts 30th 45.22; Richard Hammond 24th 1.13.54; Tim Chapman 12th 1.14.55; John Chapman 35th 1.15.19; Fenland Griff’s Grafters 36th 4.52.52; Dean Clark 56th 49.25; Paul Weigand 36th 1.19.09; Tony Moore 47th 1.27.44; Paul Griffin 43rd 1.16.34; Fenland Sparkly Sistas 48th 5.04.11; Michelle Gilbert 68th 51.50; Ann Trett 54th 1.25.31; Katie Ward 48th 1.28.05; Maire Irlam 48th 1.18.45; Fenland Follen’s Follies 55th 5.09.34; Sharon Bird 98th 1.02.40; Tayo Willett 50th 1.24.54; Justin Showell 46th 1.27.18; Stuart Follen 38th 1.15.42; Fenland Milburn’s Masters 62nd 5.16.18; Sue George 82nd 56.22; Mark Millinson 68th 1.30.25; Colin Simpson 57th 1.30.24; Ian Milburn 50th 1.19.07; Fenland Cupcakes 88th 5.58.19; Denise Griffin 100th 1.03.29; Ellen Drew 92nd 1.44.45; Adam Oakes 85th 1.44.01; Adam Chown 75th 1.26.04; Fenland Angels 95th 6.12.31; Larissa Follen 101st 1.03.31; Julie Garner 95th 1.45.13; Roger Williams 84th 1.42.08; Harry Griffin 97th 1.41.39.

Ultras: Audrius Klimasauskas 8th 5.30.00; Andrew Plume 9th 5.38.04; Sarah Gauvin 13th 6.04.43; Gary Bligh 14th 6.04.43; Andre Pittock 18th 6.31.00; Mathew Warren 19th 6.31.00; Martin Jennings 20th 6.39.19.