Fine result by Wisbech

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The final weekend of competition before the Christmas break saw Wisbech Swimming Club travelling to Peterborough for the 3rd round of the Arena National League B Final East Midlands Division 2.

The top five teams UEA Norwich, South Lincs, Peterborough B, Wisbech and Deepings out of the 20 team league were competing for the B Final Trophy and promotion to Division 1. In a highly competitive gala the Wisbech team came away with 1st places from Ben Marsters Open 100m Individual Medley, Open 100m Freestyle; Grace Cherry 10/11yrs 50m Backstroke, 10/11yrs 50m Breaststroke pb; Hannah Brown 13/u 100m Backstroke; Abigail Foley 13/u 100m Freestyle and Will Bell 15/u 100m Breaststroke. Wisbech finished fifth in the Gala and fifth in the league. A great result for the team competing for the first time at this level after a two-year break.

Full results - South Lincs 167, Peterborough B 166, UEA Norwich 159, Deepings 134, Wisbech 124,

1st: Ben Marsters Open 100m Individual Medley, Open 100m Freestyle, Grace Cherry 10/11yrs 50m Backstroke, 10/11yrs 50m Breaststroke pb, Hannah Brown 13/u 100m Backstroke, Abigail Foley 13/u 100m Freestyle, Will Bell 15/u 100m Breaststroke, 13/u 4x50m Freestyle Relay Hannah Brown, Abigail Foley, Phoebe Gallagher, Kate Newton.

2nd: Jack Lane 10/11yrs 50m Butterfly pb, 10/11yrs 50m Freestyle pb, Phoebe Gallagher 15/u 100m Breaststroke.

3rd: Phoebe Gallagher 13/u 100m Breaststroke, Emily Pilbeam 15/u 100m Backstroke, 15/u 100m Freestyle, Hannah Brown 13/u 100m Butterfly, Grace Cherry Open 100m Breaststroke pb, 9/11yrs 4x50m Freestyle Relay Grace Cherry, Eve Norman, Emily Kelly, Alice Dennis, 9/11yrs 4x50m Freestyle Relay Jacob Rhodes, Jack Lane, Oliver Harris, Tom Locke, Open 4x50m Medley Relay Dominic Hawkins, Ben Marsters, Matt Jakeman, Tom Kelly, 9/11yrs 4x50m Medley Relay Alice Dennis, Grace Cherry, Eve Norman, Emily Kelly, 13/u 4x50m Medley Relay Hannah Brown, Phoebe Gallagher, Kate Newton, Abigail Foley.

4th: Katie Bell Open 100m Butterfly, Eve Norman 10/11yrs 50m Butterfly, Dominic Hawkins Open 100m Backstroke, Oliver Newton 13/u 100m Freestyle, Laura Pattern Open 100m Freestyle, 15/u 4x50m Medley Relay Hannah Brown, Cree Howlett, Kate Newton, Abigail Foley, Open 4x50m Freestyle Relay Jade Marsters, Katie Bell, Grace Cherry, Laura Pattern, Open 4x50m Freestyle Relay Tom Kelly, Ryan Lester, Matt Jakeman, Ben Marsters.

5th: Jade Marsters Open 100m Individual Medley, Open 100m Backstroke, Jacob Rhodes 10/11yrs 50m Backstroke, Liam Carey 13/u 100m Breaststroke pb, Jordan Wilson 15/u 100m Backstroke, Robson Pack 13/u 100m Butterfly, Tom Locke 10/11yrs 50m Breaststroke , Matt Jakeman Open 100m Butterfly, Oliver Newton 13/u 100m Backstroke, Kate Newton 15/u 100m Butterfly, Alice Dennis 10/11yrs 50m Freestyle, Daniel Dale 15/u 100m Butterfly pb, 15/u 100m Freestyle. Relays: 13/u 4x50m Medley Oliver Newton, Tom Hewitt, Robson Pack, Liam Carey, 15/u 4x50m Freestyle Emily Pilbeam, Grace Cherry, Hannah Brown, Abigail Foley, 15/u 4x50m Freestyle Jordan Wilson, Will Bell, Daniel Dale, Oliver Newton, Open 4x50m Medley Jade Marsters, Phoebe Gallagher, Katie Bell, Laura Pattern, 9/11yrs 4x50m Medley Jacob Rhodes, Tom Locke, Jack Lane, Oliver Harris, 13/u 4x50m Freestyle Oliver Newton, Charles Locke, Robson Pack, Liam Carey, 15/4x50m u Medley Jordan Wilson, Will Bell, Daniel Dale, Oliver Newton.

l Five Wisbech swimmers - Jack Lane, Grace Cherry, Phoebe Gallagher, Oliver Newton and Tom Kelly - returned to Peterborough on Sunday to swim for Cambs against Norfolk and Suffolk in the Three Counties Gala. Cambs won for the first time in 10 years, beating Suffolk by four points.