Gala success sees 19 pbs

Wisbech Swimming Club tasted victory in the 5th Round of the Junior Fenland League gala at Bedford.

An impressive 19 Personal Best times were achieved and 3 cut off times were broken.

Team results: Wisbech 193 points, Bottisham 125, St Neots 120 and First Strokes 104. Wisbech are now in 3rd place in the League.

Results, winners: B 12/u Ind/Medley Jacob Rhodes, G 12/u IndMedley Alice Dennis, G 13/u Backstroke Remi Clare, B 9yrs Freestyle Charlie Bourne, G 9yrs Freestyle Megan Kierman, B 10/u Breaststroke William Pentelow, G 10/u Breaststroke Beth Dennis, B 11/u Butterfly Carl Purvey, B 12/u Freestyle Oliver Harris; B 13/u Breaststroke Lorimer Thomas, G 13/u Breaststroke Emily Kelly, B 10/u Backstroke William Pentelow, G 10/u Backstroke Beth Dennis, B 9yrs Breaststroke Charlie Bourne, G 9yrs Breaststroke Megan Kierman, G 10/u Freestyle Beth Dennis, B 11/u Backstroke Carl Purvey, G 12/u Breaststroke Alice Dennis, B 9yrs Backstroke Charlie Bourne, B 10/u Butterfly William Pentelow, G 10/u Butterfly Megan Kierman, B 11/u Breaststroke Oliver Harris, G 11/u Breaststroke Rio Howlett, B 12/u Butterfly Oliver Harris, B 13/u Ind/Medley Jacob Rhodes, G 13/u Ind/Medley Remi Clare, Squadron Relay: William Pentelow, Beth Dennis, Carl Purvey, Rio Howlett, Oliver Harris, Alice Dennis, Jacob Rhodes, Emily Kelly.

2nd: G 11/u Butterfly Beth Dennis, G 12/u Freestyle Alice Dennis, B 11/u Freestyle Carl Purvey, G 11/u Freestyle Rio Howlett, G 12/u Backstroke Emily Kelly, G 13/u Butterfly Alice Dennis, B 10/u Freestyle

William Pentelow, G 11/u Backstroke Rio Howlettk, G 13/u Freestyle Emily Kelly, G 9yrs Backstroke Megan Kierman, G 12/u Butterfly Emily Kelly.

3rd: B 13/u Backstroke Lorimer Thomas, B 12/u Backstroke Oliver Harris, B 13/u Butterfly Carl Purvey,B 12/u Breaststroke Carl Purvey, B 13/u Freestyle Jacob Rhodes.

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