Gary’s golds

Thirteen Chatteris Kingfishers were in action in the Newmarket Open Meet last week and came away with 32 personal best times and 31 top three positions, a silver medal winner in the skins and six regional qualifying times.

Finley Harper and Tyler Thomas (10) both performed very well, with Tyler gaining three PB times and Finley swimming four PBs plus a fourth spot.

Mollie Allen (13) swam a regional qualifying time in her 100m front crawl (4th) won gold in her 50m front crawl (p.b.), silver in 50m backstroke (p.b.), bronze in 50m butterfly (p.b.) and 100m I.M. (p.b.).

Victoria Allen (13) swam two best times. Liam Oliver had best times in all seven races, with silver in 100m I.M. and 50m front crawl, bronze in 50m butterfly. His older brother Luke (16) achieved a regional qualifying time for the 50m butterfly (p.b., bronze) and a p.b. in his 100m breaststroke.

Of the 15 year old trio Matthijs Nooteboom won gold in 100 I.M., 100m butterfly and 400m front crawl and bronze in his 50m breaststroke. Matthew Halmshaw got gold in his 200m breaststroke and silver in the 50 (p.b.) and 100m breaststroke, bronze in the 100m I.M. and 200m front crawl. Ivo Nooteboom silver in the 100m I.M., 100m butterfly and 400m front crawl.

Ashley Starreveld (16) swam a big p.b. in his 100m I.M.

Masters Mark Thompson (22) and Gary Smith (27) won medals in all their races, with Gary achieving regional qualifying times in the 50 and 100m backstroke and 50m front crawl (all gold) and Mark silver in the skins races, as well as gold in the 100m I.M. and 200m front crawl, silver in 200 I.M. and 100m front crawl, bronze in 50m (p.b.) and 100m backstroke, 100m butterfly and 50m front crawl, the latter in a regional qualifying time.

Kirsty Slyfield (16) 4th in the 200m front crawl.