Gill scouting for famous ingle gym

Paul Gill, Dominic Ingle
Paul Gill, Dominic Ingle
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Dominic Ingle, of the famous Ingle Boxing Gym in Sheffield, admires the boxing talent that has come out of the East of England, historically and to the present day.

So much so, he has suggested that Paul Gill of Chatteris ABC, scouts local talent with the potential of having a successful professional boxing career, in order for the legacy to continue.

The Ingle Gym boasts successes of world champions Naseem Hamed, Jonny Nelson, Junior Witter, Kell Brook and British, European IBF Junior World Champion Kid Galahad, as well as future hot shots Leigh Wood, Atif Shafiq, Jordan Gill and Sam O’Mason.

Paul Gill, who has more than 30 years’ boxing/coaching experience and has had links with the Ingle Gym for 15 years, is honoured to be entrusted with the challenge of sourcing fresh local talent.

He encourages youngsters as young as eight to get involved in their local clubs, describing success to not only come from natural talent but from hours and hours of practising and rehearsing.

Gill stated: “Although you can’t become a professional boxer until the age of 18 the experience gained as an amateur can’t be underestimated.

“Getting involved in boxing as a youngster can help with fitness, co-ordination, self- esteem, all of which help develop strong confident individuals to go on to achieve their life goals – whether this is in study, career or as an elite athlete.

“I see this as the foundation to a successful professional boxing career, so by 18 this can be built upon.”

If you are keen on talking to Paul about the steps to becoming a boxer, ring 01354 695211.