Good form

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THERE was good form from North Cambs EBF Adams team at March Town BC when enjoying their second win of the county outdoor season against Northants – who had won their previous two games against Norfolk and Hunts.

North Cambs won by 177 to 156 shots (19 points to 3 points). Details: J Ivatt, A Garlick, I Lawson 45, Northants 20 (spoons); D Dawson, C Waterson, E Clarke 24, Northants 24; R Croxford, D Stanton, R Jackson 32, Northants 22; R Daw, S Engledow, E Dilnot 28, Northants 23; C Wright, J Hines, J Fox 33, Northants 25; D Bailey, K Bellamy, R Allen 15, Northants 42.

The Newton team at St Lawrence BC, Tilney, lost to Northants by 129 to 185 shots (4 points to 18 points). Details: H Read, A Overton, B Plater 23, Northants 33; R Barr, P Cross, D Turner 24, Northants 20 (spoons); A Hailes, S Dunne, F Howard 12, Northants 43; A Gower, M Oliver, D Thorpe 24, Northants 23; B Crilly ,B Crilly, S Smith 23, Northants 33; H Reeve, D West, R Blackmore 23, Northants 33.

North Cambs’ next game will be away at Norfolk on Saturday, June 30. The Adams team will play at Hingham Rectory (NR9 4HW) and the Newton team at RG Carters (NR8 6BD).