Good wins

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Both North Cambs Ladies bowls teams had good wins on Saturday.

Donald Steward: North Cambs 163 shots (18 points), North Essex 120 shots (4 points). J Hearle, L Quibell, S Tolliday 29, J Bush 24; J Kitchen, N West, D Wright 30, M Harris 14; J Jolly, L Darch, C Jackson 21, M Wright 26; J Warren, J Savage, A Engeldow 37, P Seaman 11; J Gobbells, J Anderson, A Halsey 14, S Smith 35; C Gollands, B Norman, M Hunt 32, L Dockrill 10.

Silver Vase: North Cambs 143 shots (18) North Essex 125 shots (4). L Johnson, W Featherstone, L Clare 26, A Huggins 22; R Dack, G Rawling, L Garlic 31, J Young 11; E Philips, P Adams, B Reeve 22, W Debenham 18; D Rippin, P Batchelor, P Wood 19, J Cleavers 20; L Humphreys, B Marney, H Chapman 26, B Jay 19; P Thorpe, J Bellamey, J Hailes 19, E Lawrence 35.

l North Cambs EBF Adams and Newton teams played Norfolk away at Hingham Rectory and RG Carters and both suffered heavy defeats following good performances over the previous two games against Norfolk and Hunts.

Adams at Hingham Rectory BC, lost 133 to 216 shots, 0 to 22 points. P Bennett, J Ivatt, Lawson 30, Norfolk 31; C Scotcher, S Engledow, E Clarke 24, Norfolk 38; R Croxford, A Garlick, R Jackson 23, Norfolk 30; R Daw, K Beavis, E Dilnot 13, Norfolk 46; C Wright, J Hines, R Fowler 24, Norfolk 38; J Chambers , D Bailey, R Allen 23, Norfolk 33.

Newton at RG Carters BC, lost 121 to 220 shots, 0 to 22 points. J Allenson, A Overton, B Plater 18, Norfolk 35; R Barr, P Cross, D Thorpe 22, Norfolk 24; J Bennett, A Hailes, F Howard 15, Norfolk 40; A Gower, J Gowler, D Thorpe 21, Norfolk 48; H Reeve, G Tyler, L Smith 19, Norfolk 43; A Clarke, R Blackmore, S Smith 26, Norfolk 30.

The next game will be home at March Town BC and St Lawrence BC to Hunts on Saturday.