Hedges punished for slow first round start

March Boxing Club had two boxers on the Doncaster Plant bill last Thursday.

March’s Danny Hedges lost on a majority decision against Reese Mould of the home club.

Hedges made a slow start. In second round he was a little better but in the third round he was all over Reese. Reese, however, won it on a majority decision while Hedges has got to wake up in the first round.

Charlie Stevens at last gave March some joy when he stopped Conor Seery of Phoenix ABC Notts in the third round.

This was a very good bout. In the second round Seery took a count of eight from a body shot but kept battling on. In the third Stevens caught him with a straight right hand and his opponent Conor did everything but did not go down, but the referee helped him to his corner.

That is two wins in a week for Stevens. Just right for the Junior ABA Championships.

Chatteris Amateur Boxing Club had two fighters in action at the Haddenham Boxing Club show. Eleven-year-old Ryan Ducker of Chatteris, in his first fight, was matched with Frankie Lane of the Chalvedon Club who was having his third fight. It was a close fight over three rounds before the Chatteris lad lost on a split decision.

Trainer Paul Gill said: “It was a super performance by Ryan who, for a youngster, showed great promise. It was a debut he can be very proud of.”

England Junior Champion Jordon Gill of Chatteris, was fighting one weight division above his 59kg when he took on Tommy Martin of the St Ives Club. This was an all-action fight over three rounds with the Chatteris boxer commanding the centre of the ring. Two well tuned boxers put on a great show; but Gill’s power outgunned Martin on the night and he took a majority decision.