IBA sting Scorpions

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Wisbech League

Week 8: Scorpions (1) D Whitby 0.5, R Rix 0.5, C Ely 0. I.B.A Trojans (9) S Barber 3, S Barrett 3, J Blyth 3. Aqua (4) M Bradshaw 3.5, T Furlong 0.5. Squashed Wasps (6) D Patrick 1, J Timms 1, I Kukuris 1, Awarded 3. Walton Highway ‘B’ (6) G Sheppard 0, A Nicholls 3.5, S Ely 2.5.Walton Highway ‘A’ (4) A Ashberry 2, G Brightey 1, P Reed 1. Wanderers (4) K Buck 0, J Buck 1, G Norman 0 Awarded 3. Eagles (6) O Turner 3.5, R Cummins 2.5. Welney (8) S Mason 3.5, J Loveday 2, J Palmer 2.5. The Fossils (2) T Hines 0, J Irving 1, R Penny 1.Vital T.T. (4) M Forth 1, M Littlechild 2, V Parker 1. Walton Highway ‘B’ (6) Steve Goodale 3.5, David Hughes 0, G Sheppard 2.5.

Scorpions team of David Whitby, Rob Rix and Chris Ely were up against IBA whose Steve Barber, Steve Barrett and John Blyth almost completed a clean sweep but for the doubles. The score didn’t reflect some close fought games including three which went to four ends and two to five, one of which saw Rix eventually lose to Barber 11-13. Player of the match was Steve Barrett.

Aqua’s team of Mike Bradshaw and a wounded Trevor Furlong were up against Squashed Wasps team of David Patrick, John Timms and pool player Irmantas Kukuris. Mike Bradshaw won all three for Aqua and, with Trevor Furlong, went on to just win the doubles in five ends. But, with a man short, they lost the match 6-4.

Walton Highway ‘B’s team of Graham Sheppard, Allan Nicholls and Steve Ely were up against top of the table Walton Highway ‘A’s team of Alan Ashberry, Grant Brightey and Paul Reed. Grant Brightey played well against Allan Nicholls losing in the fifth end. Steve Ely played steadily to win against both Grant Brightey and Paul Reed and ‘B’ won the doubles in the fifth end to win the match.

Wanderers’ team of Kevin and John Buck and George Norman were against a reduced Eagles team of Owen Turner and Richard Cummins. John Buck lost the first end but beat Richard Cummins in four ends. Apart from Kevin Buck’s persistent effort, eventually losing to Richard Cummins in the fifth end, Eagles took the other matches in three ends to win the match.

A strong Welney team of Steve Mason, John Loveday and John Palmer were against the Fossils Team of Tim Hines, Jerry Irving and Robert Penny. Steve Mason was on good form to win all three and, with John Palmer, took the doubles in five ends. Robert Penny played well for Fossils but John Palmer and John Loveday played a good supporting role to give Welney the 8-2 win.

Vital T.T’s team of Mick Forth, Mark Littlechild and Vaughan Parker were against Walton Highway ‘B’s team of Steve Goodale, David Hughes and Graham Sheppard. The steady play of Littlechild saw him beat Hughes and Sheppard in three ends but found Goodale too strong and he lost in four. Six of the matches went to four ends with Walton ‘B’ winning the doubles in the fifth to secure a win.