The first of the season’s classic banger events takes place at the Norfolk Arena on Sunday (noon).

The 1500cc Banger Icebreaker is one of Europe’s biggest banger meetings and has got so big that it has had to be split into two with a 1500 and an unlimited version.

Several of our top local names will be in action as 2011 Entertainer League winner 791 Nicky Young (Elm) will once again be leading the Mad Mob into action. He will be joined by his brother Nathan Young, together with Nick Wakeham (Leverington) who has just returned from a trip to Australia!

Other local drivers include Darren Pindar who will be racing for the Crunchers B team, Joe Barratt and Ricky Twell (both Wisbech) for the feared Predators outfit, Alex Smith, Sam Gowler and Carl Vaughan for the Smurfs, Andrew Parrin and Brendan Bird for Team Bird, and Tex’s Tornados will see Jay Barrett and Dan Clarke in action.