It’s learning and fun at karate school seminar

UGC pic for Fenland Citizen Sport
UGC pic for Fenland Citizen Sport

Samurai Shotokan Karate School held a seminar at the Hudson Leisure Centre in Wisbech with four Senseis attending with more than 125 years experience between them. It was an excellent five-hour session of training learning and fun.

Sensei Anne Hastings 6th Dan JKA and 6 times women’s world champion, Sensei Ivor Garner 6th Dan ECSK, and special guest Sensei Steve Leak 5th dan KIBBS, joined Sensei Steve King 4th Dan for the session.

Sensei Hastings and Sensei Garner are Senior seniors from the O.S.K.A. Uk association; Sensei Leak was Steve King’s first Shotokan mentor and guide when he founded Samurai Shotokan Karate School some 14 years ago. Sensei Leak has remained a good friend guide and inspiration since.

More than 50 students enjoyed three sessions covering technique development, Kata Bunkai, and close quarter combat. The club has plans for several workshops again this year.

For information about classses or the O.S.K.A Uk association you should contact Sensei 07843 414433 or visit