Jack 13th in a big field

Twenty-four Fenland Running Club members competed in a huge field of 515 runners at the second Frostbite Friendly League 5-mile race hosted by Bushfield Runners in Peterborough on Sunday.

In excellent conditions, Jack Trow and Ady Martin led the Fenland crew home both putting in PB runs, with Jack finishing in 13th place overall in a time of 27.41 and Ady breaking the 30 minute target for the first time in 29.50.

The team finished in 10th out of 16 and moved up one place to 9th overall after two races.

Full results: 13th Jack Trow 27.41 (PB); 35th Ady Martin 29.50 (PB); 81st Paul Arnold 31.36; 114th Aaron Parker 32.50; 128th Dan Wate 33.19; 144th Paul Weigand 33.57; 151st Nicole Coughlin 34.11; 177th Keith White 35.01; 191st Clive Harrod 35.46; 204th Ann Trett 35.59; 205th John Chapman 36.00; 212th Colin Simpson 36.09; 220th Katie Ward 36.24; 221st Ian Milburn 36.24; 260th Adam Chown 37.54; 276th Dean Powley 38.28; 283rd Kevin Vaughan 39.04; 297th Paulina Zub 39.43; 322nd Maire Irlam 40.40; 365th Jane Greenwood 42.31; 348th Lucy Chessor 41.43; 394th Lou Busby 44.18; 408th Sarah Gauvin 44.45; 474th Julie Garner 49.56.

For March AC, 25 seniors and nine juniors took part. The juniors raced a 1.5 mile course. First home for the team was Luke Fenner with 10.14 which put him 31st in a field of 172. Tillie Murphy was first for the girls with 10 minutes 34 seconds.

For the seniors Joe Bradshaw was first home in 29.33 securing 32nd place.

Times, Juniors: Luke Fenner 10.14, 31st, Harry Badshaw 10.30, 41st, Tillie Murphy 10.34, 44th, Harry Amps 10.39, 47th, Abbie Stacey 11.24, 81st, Shannon Munns 12.11, 107th, Archie Patterson 12.29, 115th, Sophie Fenner 13.37, 140th, Ashleigh Patterson 15.04, 162nd. Seniors: Joe Bradshaw, 29.33, 32nd, Andrew Larham 31.29, 75th, Wayne Stimson 33.21, 129th, Mick Sacey 33.22, 130th, Mark Salmons, 34.13, 152nd Debra Wait 34.16, 153rd, Karen Patterson 34.47,166th, Darren Moat 36.14, 213th, Barry Freeman 36.15, 214th, Geraldine Emmins 36.27, 223rd, John Savage 36.45, 230th, Tim Boyd 37.21, 245th, Lynn Summerfield 37.51, 259th, Austin Patterson 41.54, 350th, Martin Littlemore 41.56, 351st, Stephen Cowell 42.44, 369th, Fay Scrivener 44.49, 410th, Nicola Stacey 45.05, 414th, Pauline Boyd 45.27, 421st, Chris Amps 46.07, 430th, Kay Riley 46.41, 446th, Sian Gemine 46.41, 447th, Gena Jackman 49.02, 470th, Pat Brown 51.39, 487th, Tony Whibley 54.16, 501st.

l Fenland RC hosted the Fenland 10-mile road race which attracted runners from as far away as Kent.

First male runner home was Paul Halford of Werrington Joggers in a time of 0.56.45, first lady home was Phillipa Taylor of Nene Valley Harriers in a time of 1.02.05.

First home for Fenland was Jack Trow who was seventh overall and first lady home was Leanne Ricketts in a time of 1.24.08.

Werrington Joggers took home the men’s team prize while Debra Wate, Geraldine Emmins and Karren Patterson from March AC took home the ladies team prize.

FRC full results: 7th Jack Trow, 0.58.35; 77th Andrew Plume, 1.10.41; 87th Darren Jackson, 1.11.38; 121st Clive Harrod, 1.16.52; 142nd Simon Edwards, 1.19.41; Leanne Ricketts, 1.24.08.