Jack breaks two Wisbech records

Wisbech Swimming Club took part in the Mendis Trophy Gala at the Hudson Leisure Centre at the weekend.

Wisbech put in a great team effort to secure second place out of five teams. Four new club records were broken by Jack Lane (2), Dannii Rayner and Hannah Brown.

Results, 1st places: Danii Rayner (3), Hannah Brown (3), Ben Marsters (2), Ollie Newton, Phoebe Gallagher, Carl Purvey, Jack Lane, Boys Open & 11 & under relay teams.

2nd: Ollie Harris (2), Robson Pack (2), Ollie Newton, Jack Lane, Abi Foley, Tom Marsters. Relay: Boys 13 & under freestyle.

3rd: Emily Pilbeam, Robson Pack, Tom Marsters, Jess Rayner, Jacob Rhodes. Relays: Girls 15 & under Freestyle, Girls 13 & under Freestyle, Girls Open Freestyle, Girls 11 & under Freestyle.

4th: Beth Dennis (2), Kate Newton (2), Ollie Newton, Phoebe Gallagher, Lorimer Thomas(2), Tom Hewitt, Tom Kelly, Jess Rayner, Alice Dennis, Megan Kierman. Relay: Boys 15 & under Freestyle.

5th: Abi Foley, Emily Pilbeam. Some 17 personal best times (including three relay first legs) by: Robson Pack (2), Hannah Brown (2), Ollie Harris (2), Jess Rayner (2), Jacob Rhodes, Dannii Rayner, Beth Dennis, Tom Hewitt, Carl Purvey, Jack Lane, Will Bell, Molly Thomas, Tom Barlow.