Jack shines in fast Lane

Wisbech Swimming Club finished fourth in the Junior Fenland League (JFL) Second Round at Grantham on Saturday.

Jack Lane, in only his second gala for the club, gained two first places: 9yrs 50m Freestyle (beating the cut off time) and 9yrs 50m Backstroke.

Jack came second in the 9yrs Breaststroke and in all three races he set personal best times.

Phoebe Gallagher 12yrs Backstroke, Eve Norman 11yrs Backstroke, Abigail Foley 13yrs Freestyle, Oliver Newton 12yrs Butterfly and Grace Cherry 12yrs Butterfly were first in their races, set new personal best times and broke cut off times.

Throughout the night 30 personal best times were achieved by the team.

Polly Norman and Paul Defty made their debuts for the team, Polly finished second in the 9yrs 50m Freestyle, 9yrs 50m Backstroke and third in the 9yrs 50m Breaststroke. Paul finished fourth in the 11/u 50m Breaststroke.

COPS B 157, Grantham 144, Deepings 128, Wisbech 117, Ely 85.

1st - Jack Lane 9yrs 50m Freestyle pb beat cut off time, 9yrs 50m Backstroke pb, Phoebe Gallagher12/u 50m Backstroke pb beat cut off time, Eve Norman11/u 50m Backstroke pb beat cut off time, Abigail Foley 13/u 50m Freestyle pb beat cut off time, Oliver Newton 12/u 50m Butterfly pb beat cut off time, Grace Cherry 12/u 50m Butterfly pb beat cut off time.

2nd - Millie Hopkisson 12/u 100m Ind/Medley pb, Polly Norman 9yrs 50m Freestyle pb, 9yrs 50m Backstroke pb, Kate Newton 13/u 50m Breaststroke pb, James Dobler 10/u 50m Backstroke, Kayley Hawes 10/u 50m Backstroke pb, Grace Cherry 13/u 50m Butterfly pb, Jack Lane 9yrs 50m Breaststroke pb, Millie Hopkisson 12/u 50m Breaststroke.

3rd - Alice Dennis 11/u 50m Butterfly pb, Eve Norman 12/u 50m Freestyle pb, Oliver Newton 13/u 50m Butterfly pb, Polly Norman 9yrs 50m Breaststroke pb, Tom Hewitt 12/u 50m Breaststroke.

4th - Robson Pack 12/u 100m Ind/Medley, 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, Cree Howlett 13/u 50m Backstroke pb, Robson Pack 12/u 50m Freestyle, Tom Hewitt 13/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Jacob Rhodes 11/u 50m Freestyle, 11/u 50m Backstroke pb, Emily Kelly 11/u 50m Freestyle, Tom Locke 10/u 25m Butterfly pb, Paul Defty 11/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Alice Dennis 11/u 50m Breaststroke.

5th - William McKay 13/u 50m Backstroke, 13/u 100m Ind/Medley pb, Tom Locke 10/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Rio Howlett 10/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Cree Howlett 13/u 100m Ind/Medley, James Dobler 10/u 50m Freestyle, Kayley Hawes 10/u 50m Freestyle pb, Liam Carey 13/u 50m Freestyle pb, Rio Howlett 10/u 25m Butterfly pb.