Jakeman is fastest

ROAD racer David Jakeman proved the fastest in the Tuesday evening series with his 21.57, the only ride inside 22 minutes and strong man, Richard Eve, had to settle for second place in 22.03.

Mike MacInerney took third place with 22.41 and a born-again racer, Jason Kierman, is gradually regaining the sort of form he regularly showed more than twenty years earlier and was fourth in 22.57.

Two Wisbech riders went the distance in the EDCA 100 mile TT on Sunday. The strong breeze took its toll and both riders were outside their previous best times with Richard Eve taking 4.12.23 and veteran Andrew Ward recorded 4.53.50.

Results: Tuesday 10 July, 9.7 miles: Ladies (both vets) - E Roesner 28.20, D Hallahan 29.53. Men – D Jakeman 21.57, R Eve 22.03, M MacInerney 22.41, J Kierman 22.57, S Emmett 23.27, S Ridgewell 23.28, A Whiting (vet) 24.51, A Bean 25.09, A Ward (vet) 235.48, M Webster 25.54, A Twycross (vet) 26.45, R Pepper 27.08, P Hopkins (vet) (Team Swift) 27.10, P Nobbs 28.23, M Webster (vet) 28.38, M Bean (vet) 32.52.