Junior joy for Wisbech

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Wisbech SC won the B Final of the Junior Fenland League (JFL) held at King’s Lynn on Saturday night against West Norfolk, Grantham, Huntingdon and City of Ely.

Robson Pack had wins in the 12/u 50m Backstroke, 12/u 50m Breaststroke, both personal best times.

1st places from Abigail Foley, James Dobler, Cree Howlett, Kayley Hawes, Liam Carey, Jack Lane, Polly Norman, Jacob Rhodes and Alice Dennis meant that the Wisbech swimmers were determined to win the trophy for the first time in 13 years. Four swimmers Abigail Foley, Cree Howlett, Kayley Hawes and Liam Carey all broke the cut-off times in their events and 18 PB times were set. Carl Purvey made his debut and finished 3rd in both of his events.

Full Results: Wisbech 144, Ely 132, Grantham 122, West Norfolk 110, Huntingdon 108.

1st - Abigail Foley 13/u 50m Backstroke pb, James Dobler 10/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Cree Howlett 13/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Kayley Hawes 10/u 50m Backstroke pb, Robson Pack Remi Clare 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, Liam Carey 13/u 50m Butterfly pb, Jack Lane 9yrs 50m Breaststroke pb, Polly Norman 9yrs 50m Breaststroke, Jacob Rhodes 11/u 50m Backstroke, Alice Dennis 11/u 50m Breaststroke pb.

2nd - William McKay 13/u 50m Backstroke pb, Emily Kelly 11/u 50m Butterfly, 11/u 50m Backstroke, Lorimer Thomas 12/u 50m Freestyle, Alice Dennis 12/u 50m Freestyle, Grace Cherry 13/u 50m Butterfly, 8x25m Squadron Relay James Dobler, Polly Norman, Jacob Rhodes, Georgia Oliver, Lorimer Thomas, Alice Dennis, Robson Pack, Cree Howlett.

3rd - Lorimer Thomas 12/u 100m Individual Medley pb, Remi Clare 12/u 100m Individual Medley pb, Jacob Rhodes 11/u 50m Butterfly, 11/u 50m Freestyle, James Dobler 10/u 50m Backstroke, Carl Purvey 10/u 50m Freestyle pb, 10/u 25m Butterfly, Polly Norman 10/u 50m Freestyle, 9yrs 50m Backstroke, William McKay 13/u 50m Freestyle, Paul Defty 11/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Jack Lane 12/u 50m Butterfly, Robson Pack 13/u 100m Individual Medley.

l March Marlins came third in the JFL C Final held at Newmarket on Saturday night. Marlins included nine 1st places, 11 2nd places and 15 personal bests.

Nine year old Jack Tremain led the honours starting with a 3rd place, 4 sec PB in 11 year old 50m butterfly. He then managed three 1st places in 50m backstroke, 50m freestyle and 25m butterfly and achieving a 1 sec PB in each race.

Marc Johnson in his last JFL race went out in style with 1st place with 1 sec PB in 50m butterfly, 2nd place with 1 sec PB in 50m freestyle and 2nd place with 2 sec PB in 100m IM.

Katie McGowen won both the 12 year old and 13 year old 50m freestyle races with a 1 sec PB, 2nd place with 1 sec PB in 50m butterfly and 1st place with 1 sec PB in 100m IM.

Chloe Richardson was 1st in 12 year old 50m breaststroke and 2nd in 13 year old with 1 sec PB in 50m breaststroke.

Jake Hoy won the 9yr old 50m breaststroke and gained a 1 sec PB in 10 year old 50m breaststroke. Amelia Wallis got a 1 sec PB in both 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke.

2nd places: Gemma McGowen 50m backstroke, 50m freestyle, and 25m butterfly; Luke Cable 50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly; Kahra Cottam 50m freestyle and Jacob Halls 50m breaststroke. Amber Freshwater set a new time in 50m breaststroke

Other swimmers taking part: Siobhan Halliday, Nat Cook, Graham Shaw, Alfie McIntyre.

Results: First Strokes - 155 pts, Mildenhall - 123, March - 122, St Neots - 117, Bottisham - 94.