Kestrels in semi-finals

In round five of the Wisbech League Sleight Doubles Handicap, Squashed Kestrels’ Matthew Knott, Dale Parnell and Callum Brown reached the semi-finals when they played Walton Highway B’s strongest team of Allan Nicholls, Steve Goodale and Steve Ely.

The handicapping favoured Kestrels as their junior players Parnell and Brown had between five and seven points to start. Despite this Goodale and Ely pulled off the surprise win over them, in four ends that tipped the balance. It could have gone either way. Four points were enough for Kestrels.

Highway have a postponed match to play against Squashed Wasps and can secure their place in the semi with just one point.

Wanderers fielded Kevin Buck, Les Sleight and George Norman against Welney’s Steve Mason, Ashley Inwood and Steve Kent. Welney won all three of their five enders and two of the four enders to give them their 6-3 win.

It is still all to play for between Trojans and Aqua in their postponed match. Trojans need to win 9-0 and Aqua need to win 8-1 to give them their place.

Results: Squashed Kestrels (4) M Knott 1, D Parnell 1, C Brown 2; Walton Highway ‘B’ (5) A Nicholls 1.5, S Goodale 2, S Ely 1.5. Wanderers (3) K Buck 1.5, L Sleight 0, G Norman 1.5; Welney (6) S Mason 2, A Inwood 2, S Kent 2. Aqua (1) T Furlong 0, V Kelly 0.5, R Dolan 0.5; Eagles (8) R Mussett 3, O Turner 2.5, J Bell 2.5. Walton Highway ‘A’ (4) P Munch 1, G Brightey 1.5, P Reed 1.5; Squashed Wasps (5) C Harrod 1.5, J Timms 2, W Jupp 1.5.