Kingfishers soon find their form

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Sport News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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Chatteris Kingfishers coach Andrew Jakeman is very pleased with the form his young squad is in after the six-week summer break.

After only a week of training 20 swimmers of the two squads went to the Nifty Fifties Open Meet in Thetford, achieving 32 top six placings, of which 19 where in the top three, 41 personal best times with two new club records.

Some swam in the fifth round of the Junior Fenland League hosted by St. Neots, winning the squadron relay and finishing third with 123 points, behind Boston (199) and Mildenhall (150), but ahead of Bottisham (98) and St. Neots (90).

In Thetford first places were achieved by 9-year old Chloe Cook in 50m butterfly and 100m I.M. (PB), 10-year old Hallie White in 50m butterfly and 50m front crawl (PB), 12-year old Tyler Thomas in all five of his races (50m butterfly, breaststroke (PB), backstroke, (PB and club record), front crawl and 100m I.M.) and 16-year old Liam Oliver in 50m butterfly.

Chloe Cook swam to silver in the 50m backstroke and breaststroke and bronze in front crawl. Hallie White swam to bronze in 50m backstroke (PB) and fourth in 100m I.M. (PB), as well as a PB in 50m breaststroke. Liam Oliver swam a new club record in the 50m front crawl (25.69, silver) and improved his backstroke time. Megan Dawson (11) bagged two bronzes in her tough age group for 50m backstroke (PB) and front crawl, plus a PB in 100m I.M.

Chloe Hewick (14) swam PB times in all five of her races, as did Kiara Kovacs (10), but was disqualified in her 50m butterfly. Amy Cooper (10) gained four PB times, smashing her butterfly time!

Other PBs came from: Maisie Harper (10) 100m I.M., 50m backstroke, Georgia Parnell (11) 50m breaststroke and 100m I.M., Naomi Lanbert Di Marco 50m front crawl, 100 I.M. and butterfly, Kiera Simpson (10) breast and free. Other girls swimming were Victoria Allen (15), Melissa Ablett (10) and Cleo Bailey (9, debut).

For the boys 10-year olds Thomas Hanley and Riley Astley fiercely competed, with Thomas gaining bronze in the 50m breaststroke (PB) and 50m front crawl (PB), 4th in 50m butterfly and fifth places in 100m I.M. and 50m backstroke. Riley got 4th in his 100 I.M. with a massive 14 seconds PB, and 6th in 50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly (a big PB). Finley Harper (12) bagged 4th in the 100 I.M. and 50m butterfly (PB), and 5th in 50m backstroke. Daniel Allen (11) was in a tough age group, but gained PB’s in 50m breaststroke and 100m I.M., whilst Matthijs Nooteboom (18) finished 8th in his races.

In the JFL gala in Bedford the squad managed 17 PB times, with Freddie Allen (9/under) getting club records in: 50m breaststroke (1st), 50m backstroke (2nd) and 25m butterfly (3rd), also finishing 3rd in 50m front crawl (PB). Cleo Bailey (9) swam in the JFL for the first time.

Winners were: Megan Dawson (11) in 12/U and 13/U 50m front crawl and Hallie White (10) in 10/U 50m breaststroke (PB). Second places: Riley Astley (10) in 10/U 50m front crawl (PB), Thomas Hanley (10) in 10/U backstroke, Kiara Kovacs (10) in 10/U 50m front crawl (PB), Maisie Harper (10) in 10/U backstroke, Hallie White (10) in 12/U 100m I.M. (PB), 12/U 50m butterfly and 11/U 50m back, Daniel Allen (11) in 11/U 50m front crawl (PB) and Georgia Parnell (11) in 11/U 50m butterfly. Third: Hallie White (10) in 13/U 50m butterfly, Thomas Hanley in 10/U 50m butterfly, Georgia Parnell in 11/U 50m breaststroke (PB), Maisie Harper in 10/U butterfly and 11/U front crawl, Megan Dawson in 12/U breaststroke and 13/U backstroke and Finley Harper in 13/U 50m butterfly. Further PB times: Thomas Hanley in 10/U 50m breaststroke, Daniel Allen in 50m butterfly and Liam Hill in 50m front crawl.