Ladies lose

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North Cambs Ladies bowls team failed to follow up their previous win when they lost their latest game away to Suffolk with defeats for both the Donald Steward and Silver Vase teams.

Results Silver Vase: T Bennett, G Rawling, L Humphereys 11-35; J Bellamy, P Thorpe, P Wood 18-21; V MacCauliffe, B Marney, H Chapman 14-31; P Adams, P Batchelor, J Hailes 15-23; D Rippin, B Reeve, E Phillips 23-19; L Stanton, W Featherstone, L Clare 32-16. North Cambs shots 113, Suffolk 145, points 4-18.

Donald Steward: J Anderson, J Savage, A Halsey 21-32; M Waterson, D Wright, M Hunt 23-26; J Jolley, J Clifton, S Chandler 15-22; C Gollands, J Goebells, J Warren 16-31; J Hearle, S Tolliday, L Quibell 21-16; L Darch N West J Chilton 11-37. N. Cambs 106 shots, Suffolk 164, points 2-20.