Luke bags swift finish

Some 30 runners from March AC took part in the first race of six of the Frostbite Friendly League on Sunday at Priory Park, St Neots.

With record temperatures to contend with, all runners completed the course. The junior race saw Luke Fenner first home for the club in an impressive time of 8 minutes 15 seconds placing him 15th in a field of 153 runners. First girl junior was Abbie Stacey with 10.10 and 79th overall. For the seniors with 399 runners completing the course, Joe Bradshaw was first home for the club with 30.42 for the 5 mile cross country course placing him 31st overall.

Times, Juniors: Luke Fenner, 08.15, 15th, Harry Bradshaw 08.52, 34th, Harry Amps, 09.21, 53rd, Abbie Stacey, 10.10, 79th, Archie Patterson, 10, 51, 100th, Katie Donkin, 11.02, 104th, Shannon Munns, 11.03, 105th, Sophie Fenner, 12.21, 137th, Ashley Patterson, 12.46, 141st, Sophie West, 15.01, 151st. Seniors: Joe Bradshaw, 30.42, 31st, Andrew Larham, 33.06, 77th, Pete Wesr, 33.37, 86th, Jason Perring, 34.06, 99th, Mick Stacey, 34.58, 117th, Debra Wait 35.16, 128th, Karen Patterson, 35.28, 132nd, Darren Moat, 35.52, 137th, Mark Salmons, 36.30, 152nd, Geraldine Emmins, 39.11, 218th, John Savage, 40.15, 240th, Richard Paul, 41.42, 263rd, Austin Patterson, 44.11, 300th, Stephen Cowell, 45.41, 321st, Shaun Donkin, 45.56, 328th, Keith Saward, 48.37, 355th, Chris Amps, 49.45, 360th, Nicola Stacey, 50.20, 363rd, Fay Scrivener, 50.30, 366th, Gena Jackman, 53.20, 387th.

l Sixteen Fenland Running Club members finished in 10th place from 16 teams which will need improving to match their fifth place overall achieved last season.

First home on the 5 mile course for the men’s scoring places was Jack Trow in 23rd place in a time of 29.42, Katie Ward leading in the scoring ladies in 173rd in 37.28.

Full results: Jack Trow, 23rd, 29.42; Ady Martin, 54th, 32.15; Tim Chapman, 74th, 32.52; Paul Arnold, 79th, 33.12; Richard Dix, 103rd, 34.17; Andrew Plume, 108th, 34.41; Darren Jackson, 126th, 35.13; Ian Milburn, 154th, 36.33; Keith White, 166th, 37.09; Katie Ward, 173rd, 37.28; Clive Harrod, 213th, 38.59; John Chapman, 247th, 40.39; Maire Irlam, 274th, 42.55; Jane Greenwood, 316th, 45.28; Cheryl Chapman, 333rd, 46.13.