Many FRC best times

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Many new personal bests were recorded in the first of the Peterborough Grand Prix series of five summer 5K races saw 21 Fenland Running Club members competing in a field of 326 finishers.

Four runners broke the 20 minute barrier.

Full results: 48th Andrew Plume, 18.21; 69th Rebecca Cousins, 18.57; 85th Tim Chapman 19.23; 93rd Sean Connolly, 19.34; 110th Stuart Follen, 20.05; 112th John Chapman, 20.09; 115th Andre Pittock, 20.15; 123 Paul Griffin, 20.32; 124th Richard Betts, 20.35; 129th Maire Irlam, 20.41; 135th Sarah Gauvin, 20.53; 138th Colin Ferguson, 20.58; 172nd Tom Salway, 22.02; 174th Michelle Gilbert, 22.06; 210 Jay Gilbert, 23.19; 219th Ellen Drew, 23.57; 223rd Paulina Zub, 24.01; 227th Roger Williams, 24.15; 245th Sue George, 25.31; 254th Jane Wiskens, 26.10; 256th Tracy Veenendaal, 26.15.