March fail to halt losing run

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March 1st 1, Felixstowe 1st 3

March suffered a fourth successive defeat.

Felixstowe opened up the scoring from a short corner and made it 2-0 before half time.

March rallied for the second half and started promisingly with a goal from Scott Welcher. Unfortunately the attacks didn’t provide the punch and some stout defending from Felixstowe kept March at bay.

The visitors took further advantage with a breakaway goal to secure the points. It was a disappointing performance and further hard work is required in the New Year.

March 2nds 1,

Peterborough 5th 3

The match started with Peterborough hitting March on the break in reply to an early attack, too much space and time was given at the top of the March D resulting in an early goal.

Despite March having good possession and creating chances, Peterborough scored again from a short corner.

The home side dusted itself down and hit back with a goal from Charlie Boughton just before half-time.

Further attacks were created during the second half, but the final ball was letting March down. Peterborough snatched a break away goal to finish the game. Andy Wright (mom) was solid throughout the game.