March Marlins awards winners

The March Marlins Club Championships presentation evening was held at March Prison Social Club.

On the night the swimmers were presented with their trophies, medals and certificates from the club champs held over two weeks in November.

There was a fantastic turnout.

Overall winners: Girls 7yrs and under - Chloe Cook; Boys 7yrs and under – Kian Pooley/Joseph Freshwater; Girls 9yrs and under - Molly McGowen; Boys 9yrs and under – Jack Tremain; Girls 9yrs – Amey Wilson; Boys 9yrs – Jack Tremain; Girls 10yrs – Siobhan Halliday; Boys 10yrs – Jake Hoy; Girls 11/12yrs – Katie McGowen; Boys 11/12yrs – Luke Cable; Girls 13/14yrs – Lucy Halls; Boys 13/14yrs – Jamie Wilson; Girls 15/16yrs – Emily Morris; Boys 15/16yrs – Adam Lifshack; Boys 17+ - Richard Peterson; Ladies 30+ - Judith Halliday; Mens 30+ - Adam Cable; Girls Endeavour Shield – Amelia Wallis; Boys Endeavour Shield – Sam Page-MItchell; Oddfellows (most improved) – Marc Johnson; Outstanding Achievement Cup – Ellie Smith.

March Marlins hosted the first round of the JFL. Marlins went for a large squad as it was their local gala and there was a fantastic team spirit on the night. Out of 42 individual races Marlins swimmers achieved an amazing 35 personal bests on the night.

Results: Jacob Halls 100m IM 6-sec PB 4th; Jemma Tombs 100m IM 7-sec 5th; Sam Vardon 50m backstroke n/a 3rd; Kahra Cottam 50m backstroke 2-sec 1st; Liam Cole 50m freestyle 5-sec 3rd; Megan Tombs 50m freestyle 4-sec 3rd; Rylee Cole 50m breaststroke 1-sec 5th; Amey Wilson 50m breaststroke 5-sec 5th; Jake Hoy 50m butterfly 3-sec 5th; Lydia Gray 50m butterfly n/a 4th; Robert Conyard 50m freestyle 1-sec 4th; Ashleigh Lavender 50m freestyle 4-sec 4th; Luke Cable 50m breaststroke 1-sec 2nd; Siobhan Halliday 50m breaststroke 1-sec 5th; Jack Tremain 50m backstroke 2-sec 1st; Amber Freshwater 50m backstroke 1-sec 5th; Richard Pembury 50m freestyle New time 5th; Amelia Wallis 50m freestyle 1-sec 5th; Graham Shaw 50m backstroke 1-sec 3rd; Shae Pooley 50m butterfly n/a 5th; Katie McGowen 50m butterfly 1-sec 2nd; Liam Cole 50m breaststroke 1-sec 3rd; Jessica Conyard 50m breaststroke New time 4th; Sam Page-Mitchell 50m freestyle New time 5th; Libby Band 50m freestyle 3-sec 4th; Gemma McGowen 50m backstroke 2-sec 2nd; Graham Shaw 50m breaststroke 3-sec 3rd; Rebecca Page-Mitchell 50m breaststroke 1-sec 3rd; Charlie Revell 50m freestyle 2-sec 4th; Katie McGowen 50m freestyle 1-sec 2nd; Liam Cole 50m backstroke 6-sec 1st; Nina Cottam 50m backstroke New time 4th; Alfie McIntyre 25m butterfly 1-sec 3rd; Rosie Beningfield 25m butterfly New time 5th; Jake Hoy 50m breaststroke 3-sec 2nd; Bridie Baxter 50m breaststroke 5-sec 5th; Luke Cable 50m butterfly n/a 1st; Gemma McGowen 50m butterfly 3-sec 3rd; Sam Vardon 100m IM 1-sec 5th; Kahra Cottam 100m IM 2-sec 2.

Relay swimmers: Jack Judd, Amey Wilson, Jack Tremain, Joely Cottam, Jacob Halls, Siobhan Halliday, Charlie Revell, Ashleigh Lavender. Team results: 1st – 183pts Cambridge; 2nd – 137pts Ely; 3rd – 113pts St Neots; 4th – 102pts March; 5th – 87pts Bottisham. Marlins’ next JFL is on the April 21 at Grantham.

The next day was the Thetford Open Meet. Two Marlins swimmers braved the freshly fallen snow and it paid off for them.

Lucy Halls gained third place and a 6-second PB in 100m breaststroke and also fourth place and a 2-second PB in 100m freestyle.

Jack Tremain claimed first place in both 50m breaststroke and 50m freestyle with a 2-sec PB in both races.