March men scoop team award

March AC Eye 10k
March AC Eye 10k
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Some 22 runners from March AC ran the Eye 10k and despite the windy conditions several runners bagged PBs on Sunday.

Some got first in their age category and the club headed home with third men’s team.

Eye 10k: Jevan Robertson 37:22 PB, Lee Carey 38:40 PB, Michael Stacey 40:03 (1st in age category), Andrew Larham 40:26 (1st in age cat), Paul Hensby 41:29, Billy Bremner 42:22 PB, Rick Ware 42:50, Tim Boyd 43:16 PB, Simon Render 44:26, Geraldine Larham 45:03 PB (1st in age cat), Darren Moat 46:02. Justin Elvidge 46:24, Harry Littlemore 47:56, Malcolm Hunt 51:49, Graeme Robertson 54:00, Polly Boyd 55:40 PB, Fay Scrivener 55:42, Michelle Seward 56:50, Dawn Veal 57:05, Katie Hunt 61:54, Kylie Denson 63:53 PB and Sue Ward 66:07. Jevan Robertson, Michael Stacey, Andrew Larham and Lee Carey got 3rd Men’s Team.

Suzanne Muckley and Tom Orr, both of March AC, completed the Halstead marathon in Essex, Suzanne finishing in 5hrs 55mins and Tom 4hrs 36mins.