March mixed title

Sport News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Sport News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Runners from March AC entered four teams into the Green Wheel Relay in Peterborough and won the mixed team category.

The seven-stage race covered 48 miles around the city of Peterborough.

Teams, March ‘A’ – Mark Salmons 57:19, Billy Bremner 26:41, Lee Carey 49:51, Jevan Robertson 51:36, Mick Stacey 60:33, Melanie Staley 56:23, Rik Ware 40:21. March ‘B’ – Amy Ellis 1:16:26, Maura Brown 1:00:34, Pat Norris 1:12:01, Pat Brown 1:27:19, Shaun Donkin 1:12:40, Lisa Donkin 1:13:30, Lorna Okerika 56:13. March ‘C’ – Scott Bywater 1:19:27, Katie Hunt 38:33, Brian Goodenough 1:02:15, Malcolm Hunt 1:10:30, Karen Patterson 1:05:15, Simon Render 53:41, Kylie Denson 1:09:30. March ‘D’ – Nik Okerika 1:02:33, Tony Whibley 43:27, Sue Ward 1:29:22, Debbie Ridgeway 2:04:01, Stephen Cowell 1:19:37, Fred Amps 1:12:39, Sarah Westbrook 1:14:14.

Sutton Beast 10k – Tony Robinson Memorial Run

Several runners managed to ‘tame the beast’ and complete the 10k in high temperatures.

Runners – Paul Hensby 40:26, Justin Elvidge 45:54, Harry Littlemore, Dawn Veal, Helena Mueller 53:53.

Hackney Half Marathon

Geraldine Larham took part in the first-ever half marathon for London, starting at Hackney Marsh, passing Hackney Empire and through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Larham recorded 1:41:23 finishing eighth in her age category.