March runner Larham takes vet prize

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Fenland Running Club’s love affair with the Stamford Striders St Valentine’s 30K race around the hilly countryside of Stamford continued on Sunday with 15 runners completing the course in a field of 599.

Ian King, Neil Bailey, Tracey Else, Tracy Farr and Jon Rowell all achieved their longest race to date and Larissa Follen smashed a massive 27 minutes off last year’s time.

Full results: Paul Weigand 172nd 2:23:42; Mel Trayford 187th 2:25:09; Sarah Gauvin 237th 2:30:02; Jay Gilbert 266th 2:33:43; Paul Griffin 267th 2:33:51; Ellen Drew 270th 2:33:59; Ian King 376th 2:46:34; Neil Bailey 423rd 2:52:44; Alan Bird 424th 2:52:46; Jane Greenwood 433rd 2:54:15; Larissa Follen 466th 3:01:17; Tracey Else 479th 3:02:52; Joanne Clarke 497th 3:06:22; Tracy Farr 507th 3:10:05; Jon Rowell 546th 3:20:47.

l March AC recorded an amazing eight personal best times at Stamford. Geraldine Larham won 1st lady vet 45 prize with a PB.

Mick Stacey 2:12:14, Geraldine Larham 2:14:29pb and 1st in Age Cat, Justin Elvidge 2:17:31pb, Karen Patterson 2:21:21pb, Steve Cornell 2:34:37, David Tuffnail 2:42:15pb, Tom Orr 2:49:12, Dawn Veal 2:50:46pb, Amy Ellis 3:02:47, Emma Carey 3:05:08pb, Pat Norris 3:10:51pb, Nina Markillie 3:24:16pb and Suzanne Orr 4:09:01.