March’s ninth spot finish

The rain didn’t stop 13 March AC seniors and six juniors turning out for the final race of the 2011/2012 Frostbite Friendly League.

Hosted by BRJ club at Huntingdon the juniors were led home by Luke Fenner in an excellent time of 8 minutes 50 seconds for the 1.5 mile course. Tillie Murphy was a close second in 9 minutes 40 seconds.

The senior race saw Joe Bradshaw secure 34th position in a field of 366 runners with a time of 29.23 for the five mile course. Sunday’s results meant that March seniors ended the season 9th overall out of 16 clubs whilst the Junior team ended 8th out of 14.

Times for juniors: Luke Fenner 9th, 08.50, Tillie Murphy 23rd 9.40, Harry Amps 40th, 10.00, Archie Patterson 99th, 12.10, Shannon Munns 117th, 12.53, Ashleigh Patterson 131st, 14.54. Seniors: Joe Bradshaw 34th, 29.23, Jason Perring 93rd, 32.16, Wayne Stimson 115th, 33.36, Debra Wait 132nd, 34.28, Darren Moat, 137th, 35.02, Mick Stacey 139th, 35.09, Mark Salmons 142nd, 35.17, Lynn Summerfield 164th, 36.20, Karen Patterson 173rd, 36.32, Harry Bradshaw 252nd, 40.40, Fay Scrivener 310th, 45.03, Stephen Cowell 311th, 45.03, Tony Whibley 355th, 52.08.

Fenland Running Club’s depleted team incurred penalty points for not fielding the mandatory three ladies. First home for FRC, returning after injury, was Justin Kinsey in 56th place in 30.46.

With barely enough men to avoid conceding penalty points the team was 15th out of 16 and finished the series dropping from 7th place overall to 10th.

Full results: 56th Justin Kinsey, 30.46; 83rd Paul Arnold, 31.52; 95th Tim Chapman, 32.22; 183rd Ann Trett, 36.50; 189th Adam Chown, 37.03; 223rd Maire Irlam, 38.40; 313th Scott Bywater, 45.07; 363rd Roger Kay, 55.55; 364th Graham Wesley, 56.56.

l Eight FRC runners were amongst 248 finishers in the Wymondham AC 20 mile race.

First home in 72nd place was Andre Pittock in 2.35.44 with the next three FRC runners finishing within the next six minutes.

Full results: 72nd Andre Pittock, 2.35.48; 76th Lucy Chessor, 2.36.01; 77th John Chapman, 2.36.02; 100th Dave Webster, 2.41.44; 129th Pasquale Ruggerio, 2.46.52; 204th Jane Greenwood, 3.11.07; 207th Paul Denwood, 3.12.01; 208th Adam Oakes, 3.12.01.

Sarah Gauvin and Laura Arnold took part in the Bury St Edmunds Pacers Tarpley 10 mile in a field of 223 finishers. Sarah finished 136th in a time of 1.27.02 and Laura was 176th in 1.34.19. Laura’s husband Paul undertook the longer Tarpley 20 mile and was 26th in a field of 161 finishers in 2.23.31.