Marlins all grab personal bests

Every member of the squad managed at least one personal best as March Marlins took part in the Junior Fenland League 5th round at Peterborough on Saturday.

They managed 24 PBs, seven firsts, 12 seconds and two third places.

Gemma McGowen was top girl winning all her three races and getting a PB in her backstroke. Top boy belonged to Marc Johnson with a win and three 2nds, also managing a PB in every race.

Katie McGowen achieved a 1st and two 2nds, with 2 PBs and showed a majestic start on her butterfly and backstroke. Jack Tremain won his backstroke and freestyle with a PB. Kahra Cottam won her freestyle with a PB and came second in butterfly (PB). Jacob Halls gained two PBs in the individual medley and breaststroke where he came in second. Luke Cable claimed three 2nd places in breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle in which he gained a PB. Chloe Richardson a PB in the individual medley and freestyle.

Nat Cook came second with a PB in backstroke. Jake Hoy claimed second in breaststroke (PB). Graham Shaw gained a 5-second PB in butterfly. Chloe Seal knocked 8 seconds off her butterly time. Joely Cottam knocked 10 seconds off her breaststroke PB. Lara Palmer managed a PB in breaststroke and freestyle. Amelia Wallis set a new time in her freestyle. Rylee Cole set a new time in breaststroke.

Final points: 1st Peterborough 183pts, joint 2nd March and West Norfolk 121, 4th Grantham 113, 5th Huntingdon 92.

l An early open meet after the summer break saw 12 swimmers from Chatteris Kingfishers come away from Thetford with 19 top three placings, an additional 16 top 4-6 placings and 19 personal best times.

For the girls Kirsty Slyfield (16) came home with gold medals in 50 butterfly and backstroke, bronze in 100 I.M and 5th in 50m front crawl. Charlotte Riches (14) got gold in 50 breast, silver in 100 I.M (p.b.), bronze in 50 front crawl and 6th place in 50m butterfly (p.b.).

Catherine Lee (13) swam to silver in 50 breast, 4th in 50 back (p.b.) and 6th in 50m front crawl. Her younger sister Rachel made her debut in 9/U age group and finished 13th and 17th in 50m breaststroke and front crawl. Lydia Gray (10) finished 4th in 50 fly (p.b) and 8th and 9th in 100m I.M. and 50 back.

Luke Oliver (16) led the boys by example, getting gold in 100m I.M., bronze in 50 fly, 50 free (p.b.) and 50 back (p.b.) and a fifth in the 50m breaststroke. Matthew Halmshaw (15) managed bronze in 50m breaststroke and a p.b. in 50m backstroke, finishing in 7th, 8th and 9th places. Liam Oliver (13) won silver in 50 front crawl (p.b.), bronze in 50 back, 4th in 50 fly and 5th in 100 I.M. and 50m breaststroke (p.b.).

Daniel Riches (just 11) did well in his new age group, finishing in 4th place in 50 breast and 50 fly, 5th in 100 I.M. and 6th places in 50 free and 50 back. Mason Christy(11) also made his debut.

The two youngest members, Tyler Thomas and Finley Harper (9) did very well. Finley won gold in the 50m breaststroke (p.b.), bronze in 50 front crawl, 4th in 50m butterfly (p.b.) and a p.b. in his 50m backstroke (8th). Tyler swam p.b.’s in all his races, winning silver in 50 front crawl and backstroke, bronze in 50m butterfly and 5th in 50m breaststroke.