Marlins remember Richard

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THERE was an emotional evening for March Marlins swimmers, coaches, teachers and committee at the George Campbell leisure centre on Saturday when the club hosted the Richard Shaw Memorial Gala.

A plaque in Richard’s honour was unveiled by his mother Terri Shaw and special guest Ed Williams, who is to be the GB team Paralympic Swim Coach for 2012.

Marlins put out a large squad for the night to show their support in honour of Richard, and the team also included many members of Richard’s family.

Local teams and Officials from Cambridgeshire also showed their support for the event , with many team coaches and managers also swimming; every swimmer gained a medal on the night and the gala will now be held annually at March.

The final result was: Ely 169, Chatteris 160, Peterborough 158, March 127, First Strokes Godmanchester 114 and Bottisham 97.

Marlins results: Graham Shaw, Richard’s brother had a PB in 50m freestyle, 1st place and PB in 50m butterfly; Marc Johnson 1st place 50m butterfly; Chloe Seal PB 50m butterfly; Jess Cable PB 50m backstroke and PB 50m freestyle.

Adam Lifshack 1st 50m breaststroke; Chloe Richardson 1st 50m freestyle; Jemma Tombs PB and 2nd place 50m backstroke; Shae Pooley 50m breaststroke; James Vardon PB 50m freestyle; Rachael Cole PB 50m butterfly; Robert Conyard PB 50m backstroke.

Lara Palmer new time in 50m backstroke; Fiona Jakeman new time in 50m breaststroke; Josh Dando PB 50m butterfly; Emily Morris PB 50m butterfly; Ben Wright 1st place and PB 50m freestyle.

Other swimmers taking part were: Nat Cook, Jake Hoy, Luke Cable, Charlie Revell, Sam Vardon, Richard Peterson, Gemma McGowen, Siobhan Halliday, Kahra Cottam, Katie McGowen, Morgan Gow, Jess Cole

For further information on March Marlins, or to book a trial, call 07920 194419.

Chatteris Kingfishers took second place in the Richard Shaw memorial gala, coming away with seven first places, ten second places and eight third places.

Three swimmers broke the cut-off times, not gaining the points, and 12 personal best times were achieved.

Going too fast were Victoria Allen in 13/U 50m front crawl (pb), Charlotte Riches in 15/U 50m backstroke and Catherine Lee in 13/U 50m butterfly (pb).

First places were achieved by Ivo Nooteboom in 15/U 50m breaststroke (pb) and Open 50m fly (pb), Matthijs Nooteboom in 15/U 50m backstroke (pb), Kirsty Slyfield in Open 50m butterfly, Catherine Lee in Open 50m front crawl, Lydia Gray in 11/U 50m butterfly and the 15/U + Open boys medley and front crawl relay team (Matthijs Nooteboom, Liam Oliver, Mark Thompson, Ivo Nooteboom).

Second places were by Tyler Thomas in 11/U 50m front crawl and 50m backstroke (pb), Daniel Riches in 13/U 50m butterfly, Mark Thompson in Open 50m breaststroke, Liam Oliver in 15/U 50m front crawl.

Finley Harper in 11/U 50m breaststroke, Ivo Nooteboom in Open 50m front crawl (pb), Matthijs Nooteboom in Open 50m backstroke (pb), the 15/U + Open girls medley relay team (Catherine Lee, Charlotte Riches, Kirsty Slyfield, Victoria Allen), the 11/U + 13/U boys medley relay team (Liam Oliver, Daniel Riches, Mason Christy, Tyler Dean) and the cannon relay team.

Third places went to Kirsty Slyfield in Open 50m breaststroke, Finley Harper in 11/U 50m butterfly (pb), Charlotte Riches in Open 50m backstroke, Mason Christy in 13/U 50m breaststroke, Daniel Riches in 13/U 50m backstroke.

Also the 11/U + 13/U boys and the 15/U + Open girls front crawl relay team and finally the 11/U + 13/U girls medley relay team (Lydia Gray, Rachael and Catherine Lee, Victoria Allen).

Further personal best times were achieved by Victoria Allen in 13/U 50m backstroke, Rachael Lee in 11/U 50m front crawl and Lydia Gray (10) in 15/U 50m breaststroke.