Marlins second

March Marlins
March Marlins

March Marlins’ annual trip to Mildenhall resulted in a second place position with 10 firsts and 19 personal bests.

Marlins in an excellent effort by all competed against the Mildenhall Sharks, Bottisham and First Strokes, Godmanchester.

First places: Freestyle 50m Nat Cook (personal best); Butterfly 50m Graham Shaw (PB); Breaststroke 100m Chloe Richardson (PB); Backstroke 50m Jake Hoy (PB); Backstroke 50m Molly McGowen; Ind. Medley Nat Cook (PB); Breaststroke 100m Chloe Richardson; Freestyle 100m Cara Fresher; Breaststroke 50m Jake Hoy (PB).

2nd: Breaststroke 50m Ruby Ashman (PB); Breaststroke 100m Martyn Fresher; Butterfly 50m Nat Cook (PB); Butterfly 25m Ciara Mason (PB); Freestyle 100m Michael Gritsenko; Breaststroke 100m Graham Shaw; Freestyle 100m Richard O’Leary; Breaststroke 50m Daniela Sarkovica (PB); Backstroke 100m Graham Shaw.

3rd: Breaststroke 50m Tomas Pranauskas; Ind. Medley Michael Gritsenko (PB); Ind. Medley Ashley Lavender (PB); Freestyle 50m Rokas Borusas (PB); Freestyle 50m Chloe Cook (PB); Butterfly 50m Lydia Gray; Butterfly 100m Garry Mavin; Butterfly 100m Lucy Halls.