Martin makes his mark

Sport News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Sport News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Nine Fenland Running Club members competed in the hugely popular Yaxley Runners’ Folkworth 15-mile race on Sunday, with some great performances among the 450 finishers headed by Martin Jennings.

Full results: Jennings 31st 1.39.19; Paul Griffin 72nd 1.45.59; Maire Irlam 1.49.50; Dan Wate 119th 1.51.27; Justin Showell 164th 1.56.20; Andre Pittock 180th 1.59.03; Leanne Rickett 214th 2.04.02; Laura Arnold 334th 2.19.15; Sarah Rippon 436th 2.50.32.

l Sixteen March AC members also took part in the Folksworth 15-mile.

Karen Patterson won first prize in her category.

Times: Simon Oldfield 1:40:03 (34th), Lee Carey 1:41:47 (44th), Michael Stacey 1:42:43 (51st), Andrew Larham 1:45:35 (1st in age cat, 69th), Patterson 1:50:59 (1st in age cat, 117th), Geraldine Larham 1:59:44 (191st), Harry Littlemore 2:06:31 (234th), Justin Elvidge 2:07:13 (243rd), Dave Tuffnail 2:12:34 (285th), Shaun Donkin 2:21:54 (346th), Stephen Cowell 2:22:37 (352nd), Michelle Seward 2:26:17 (370th), Amy Ellis 2:31:38 (389th), Lisa Donkin 2:31:38 (390th), Suzanne Orr 2:50:58 (438th), Tony Orfeo 3:32:30 (450th).