Matt finish for Frostbite fifth

FRAC M Pyatt
FRAC M Pyatt

Despite a superb performance from Matt Pyatt who finished fifth in a field of 342 at the Bourne Town Harriers Frostbite Friendly League off-road 5-mile race in Bourne Woods, Fenland Running Club finished 15th overall on Sunday, dropping to ninth out of 16.

Full results: 5th Matt Pyatt 29.31; 125th John Chapman 37.56; 140th Andre Pittock 38.31; 147th Ann Trett 38.46; 147th Maire Irlam 38.49; 161st Sarah Gauvin 39.32; 189th Colin Ferguson 41.16; 217th Paulina Zub 42.41; 281st Sue George 48.14; 303rd Scott Bywater 50.36.

March AC scooped fourth place which boosted them to seventh in the league with a race to go. First home for the club in 34th position was Simon Oldfield with 33.03.

Other times: Pete West, 33.43, 47th, Jason Perring 33.53, 50th, Wayne Stimson 34.21, 59th, Mick Stacey 34.38, 67th, Lee Carey 35.31, 80th, Debra Wait 35.44, 85th, Rick Ware 35.49, 86th , Simon Render 35.55, 89th, Mark Salmons 37.22, 118th, Jordan Lancaster 39.00, 151st, Geraldine Emmins 39.29, 160th, Barry Freeman 42.32, 214th, Dawn Veal 47.47, 276th, Austin Patterson 48.30, 283rd, Stephen Cowell 50.23, 302nd. Ashleigh Patterson (junior) 1.5 miles, 24.27.