Medals for Neale-Wade gymnasts

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Gymnasts from Neale-Wade Gym Club, March attended the regional Level 1 and 2 apparatus competition at Salto Gymnastics in Luton.

Fifteen girls and one boy, ranging in age from eight to 16, travelled and took part. Competition from other clubs was very fierce this year, but all the March gymnasts performed to the best of their abilities.

Medallists were: Jodie Mottram – bronze on bar and floor; Rosie Benningfield – gold on vault; Danielle Hope – gold on floor, silver on vault; Stacey Earwaker – gold on vault, bench and floor, silver on Bar; Polly Baxter – gold on vault, silver on bar and bench; Katie Gibbs – silver on floor; Martha Wales – silver on bar; Gordon Parsonage – silver on vault, bar and bench, gold on floor. Gymnasts who just missed medals were: Abigail Moremon – 5th on floor and vault; kayleigh Adams – 4th on bench, 5th on floor; Saffron Covill – 4th on bar; Robyn Mottram – 4th on bench; Lucy Butler – 4th on floor, 5th on beam. Madison Collins, Rose Garford and Katie Grant also took part, making excellent efforts.