Medals haul

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Five members of the Chatteris Kingfishers squad gained several top three medals in the recent Newmarket Open Meet.

Gary Smith and Mark Thompson swam on both days.

Results: Smith gold Open 50m breaststroke and 50m front crawl; silver 50 and 100m backstroke; sixth Open 200m I.M. Thompson silver Open 100m I.M., 100m butterfly and 50m breaststroke; 4th 50 and 100m backstroke and 100m front crawl; 5th open 200m I.M. Matthijs Nooteboom gold Open 400m front crawl; bronze 200m front crawl; 6th 50 and 100m backstroke. Tyler Thomas gold 11/U 200m I.M.; silver 50m front crawl; bronze 100m front crawl. Finley Harper 6th 11/U 50m butterfly; 8th 50m front crawl and 100m breaststroke.