Mel runs new PB

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Fenland Running Club competed around the country on Sunday with two members tackling the Liverpool Marathon, 18 runners taking part in the Perkins Great Half Marathon and eight travelled to Shouldham Warren for the 5K Cross Country hosted by Ryston Runners.

In Liverpool the rain and wind held off until towards the end but hilly closing sections were tough going. The months of training paid off big time for Mel Murdoch who achieved a new PB of 3.35.45 finishing 401st overall but fifth in her age group and Jane Holmes finished in 4.20.00.

In Peterborough, performance of the day was by Ian Milburn who finished third in his age group. Several others achieved PBs.

Full results: 135th Ady Martin, 1.23.58; 202nd Tim Chapman, 1.27.17; 395th Darren Jackson 1.34.15; 470th Lisa Jermey 1.36.10; 537th Keith White 1.37.31; 565th Paul Weigand 1.38.13; Ian Milburn 1.40.22; 826th David Webster 1.43.31; 843rd Ann Trett 1.43.40; 904th Dave Hood 1.44.32; 982nd Adam Chown 1.45.53; 1088th Simon Edwards 1.47.32; 1749th Ellen Drew-Peck 1.57.50; 1953rd Jane Greenwood 2.01.32; 1993rd Brian Kett 2.03.00; 2180th Laura Arnold 2.05.41; 2229th Hillary Allen 2.06.33; 3045th Rachel Allen 2.32.49.

l At Shouldham Warren, Jack Trow finished as 2nd Junior Male and 4th overall in a time of 17.06.

Other times: Colin Simpson, 21.23; Clive Harrod, 22.10; John Chapman, 23.34; Maire irlam, 24.58; Ozzi Deneri, 26.32; Sarah Gauvin, 28.15; Roger Kay, 32.57.

l More than 30 members of March AC took part in the Peterborough Great Eastern, 22 in the half marathon. Results are not available for the 4k race however first home for the club in the Half Marathon was Andrew Larham in a time of 1.26.09 which placed him 177th overall. First lady home for the club was Karen Patterson in 1.34.00 and 382nd. March members also helped in the marshalling.

Results: Andrew Larham 1.26.09, 177th, Jason Perring 1.33.11, 356th, Karen Patterson 1.34.00,382nd, Andrew Fulcher 1.37.44, 548th, Mick Stacey 1.38.09, 561st, Pete West 1.38.11, 563rd, Darren Moat, 1.39.31, 597th, Geraldine Emmins,1.41.54, 737th, Twannette Richmond 1.46.39, 1,026th, Steve Rooney, 1.54.06, 1497th, Maria Wright 1.55.06, 1569th, Austin Patterson 1.58.51,1809th, Shaun Donkin 2.04.14, 2,101st , Claire Forrester 2.04.27,2,111th, Stephen Cowell 2.04.44, 2,128th, Pat Norris 2.14.02, 2,570th, Daniel Barber 2.16.57, 2,665th, Gemma Barber 2.16.58, 2,666th, Gena Jackman 2.21.44, 2,818th, Lisa Ogwe 2.25.13, 2,896th, Chris Amps 2.25.36 2,910th, Keith Saward and Pat Brown also completed the race however times are not available at this stage.