Moat is the favourite

THERE is another busy weekend of action at the Norfolk Arena with meetings taking place on Saturday (6.30pm) and Bank Holiday Monday (1pm).

Saturday features the F1 Stock Cars and 2L Stock Cars. Local interest will centre upon the 2L Stock Cars entry including Mo Crowson, Ivan Street and Shaun McMillan. In Street’s last appearance he was involved in a big rollover!

Monday sees the annual Vandemonium. Jay Chilton is currently a leading light in this year’s Entertainer’s League and along with Luke Allen will be racing for the Predators in the Big Vans. Nicky Young is also in the Big Vans. The Small Vans sees Predator Steve “Psycho” Hemmings involved.

Completing Monday’s action is the 1300 Stock Cars British Championship. Dean Moat defends the title he won last year but his father John Moat will start as favourite after dominating displays in the formula so far.