New record

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Conditions were damp but fast for the Tuesday evening 10 mile TT and visiting elite rider, Barry Charlton of Lyme RC Swinnerton Cycles impressed the rest with a course record of 20.30.

On the home front top local vet, Paul Ashby, was also pipped for the first time this season by Richard Eve whose 21.51 was good enough by 2 secs and Ashby was equalled by David Jakeman with 21.53, putting four riders inside 22 mins and several other riders recorded pb’s.

The Wisbech club ‘30’ was held in very different conditions on the Thursday evening. Barry Charlton was hoping to get inside the hour but strong winds pushed him outside his target with 1.5.41. Ashby turned the tables on Eve and his 1.9.50 made him quicker by over 2 minutes from Eve with 1.11.59.

Results, Tue, July 26, 9.7 miles: Ladies - (all vets) E Roesner 27.25, D Hallahan 29.04, L Campion 30.30. Men – R Eve 21.51, P Ashby (vet) 21.53, D Jakeman 21.53,M MacInerney 22.37, J Keirman 23.02, D McClure 23.19, M McClure 23.33, J McClure 23.35, S Emmett 23.42, A Jenkins 24.05, J McClure (jun) 24.15, S Buttriss (vet) 24.23, S Obrien 24.50, A Ward (vet) 25.06, J Ashby (jun) 26.32, N Steel (jun) 26.46, P Nobbs 27.56. Visitors – B Charlton (Lyme RC) 20.30, S Light (KLCC) 23.30, M Hopkins (KLCC) 23.31, P Hopkins (vet) (Team Swift) 26.51. Thu, July 28, 30 miles: B Charlton (Lyme RC) 1.5.41 (course record), P Ashby (vet) 1.9.50, R Eve 1.11.59, J Kierman 1.14,33, S Emmett 1.15.40, A Jenkins 1.18.32, M Hopkins (KLCC) 1.20.09, A Ward (vet) 1.24.19, P Hopkins (vet) (Team Swift) 1.25.29.