New trainer Coldwell praises Chatteris pro Gill

Jordan Gill v Jordan Ellison
Jordan Gill v Jordan Ellison

Chatteris boxer Jordan Gill’s new trainer predicts great things for the undefeated featherweight.

Following an 18-month lay-off, Gill knocked down his opponent Jordan Ellison three times before getting a stoppage in two rounds to seal the 17th win of his career.

Jordan Gill v Jordan Ellison
1st Knock down

Jordan Gill v Jordan Ellison 1st Knock down

Gill on Saturday made up for lost time in Doncaster by beating the Seaham, County Durham 21-year-old, and is now managed and trained by Dave Coldwell in Rotherham.

Gill’s new stable mates are twins, Jamie and Gavin McDonnell, Liverpool prospect, Anthony Fowler, and heavyweight contender, Tony Bellew.

Coldwell said: “I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted another fighter in my stable but Jordan showed me more than enough to make me want to help him out and get him to where I believe he can get to. He’s doing all the right things so far and if he keeps improving at his current rate then you’re looking at a very accomplished fighter.

“A lot of the hard work has already been done with Jordan and he’s got a really solid foundation from his previous gym and there’s proof of that in his record as he’s an unbeaten fighter.

Jordan Gill v Jordan Ellison
2nd Knock down

Jordan Gill v Jordan Ellison 2nd Knock down

“It’s now time to build on what he already knows and see where it can take him.”

Gill said: “They’re all good lads. Every single one of them has helped me out greatly. I still haven’t had a formal introduction with Bellew yet but it was good to watch him train for the David Haye fight earlier this year when I was sparring with Gavin for his world title fight.

“They’re all great fighters and great people and having them come over to me and offer me little bits of advice or suggestions can only be good for me.”