North Cambs’ first victory

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NORTH Cambs EBF Adams team got off the mark for the season with a win against a North Essex side who had already won their first game against Suffolk.

The game for the Newton team at Radwinter BC, Saffron Walden was postponed because the green was flooded and will be re-arranged.

Adams playing at Sudbury BC won by 161 to 138 shots (17-5 points). D Bailey, K Bellamy, R Allen 29, North Essex 24; J Ivatt, A Garlick, I Lawson 38, North Essex 18; J Hines, D Dawson, R Fowler 31, North Essex 15; R Croxford, N Eagle, R Jackson 21, North Essex 21

S Engledow, E Dilnot, R Daw 24, North Essex 32; C Wright, K Beavis, P Butcher 18, North Essex 28.

In their previous game North Cambs lost both their matches against Suffolk in their first home game of the outdoor season.

Adams at March Town BC, lost by 129-221 shots. D Bailey, A Garlick, I Lawson 22, Suffolk 38; P Porter, C Waterson, J Fox 13, Suffolk 52; R Croxford, D Stanton, R Jackson 30, Suffolk 25; J Chambers, K Bellamy, R Allen 26, Suffolk 26; J Hines, J Ivatt, R Fowler 12, Suffolk 53; C Wright, K Beavis, P Butcher 26, Suffolk 27.

Newton at St Lawrence BC Tilney, lost by 144-206 shots. L Tyler, J Allenson, B Plater 22, Suffolk 35; R Barr, A Clarke, D Turner 18, Suffolk 47; A Hailes, S Dunne, F Howard 27, Suffolk 24; A Gower, J Gowler, D Thorpe 34, Suffolk 25; B Crilly, J Bennett, S Smith 23, Suffolk 34; P Cross, A Overton, L Smith 20, Suffolk 43.

North Cambs next game will be at home to Northants with Adams at March Town BC and Newton at St Lawrence BC on Saturday.

l NORTH Cambs ladies lost their two matches against Hunts and Northants.

The results in the game against Hunts were: Silver Vase J Scott, G Rawling, L Humphreys 6, Hunts 34; J Bellamy, P Thorpe, J Hailes 15, Hunts 23; L Johnson, B Marney, H Chapman 12, Hunts 43; P Adams, P Batchelor, P Wood 13, Hunts 28; D Rippin, B Reeve, E Philips 17, Hunts 25; L Stanton, W Featherstone, L Clare 21, Hunts 21; North Cambs 84 shots (one point), Hunts 174 Shots (21 points).

Donald Steward: A Engledow, J Savage, C Wadlow 30, Hunts 9; J Hearle, N West, L Quibell 19, Hunts 20; J Anderson, J Jolley, A Halsey 24, Hunts 26; S Wortley, J Clifton, S Chandler 20, Hunts 22; M Waterson, L Darch, D Wright 14, Hunts 25; J Warren, J Shilton, C Jackson 12, Hunts 30. North Cambs 119 shots (2 points), Hunts 132 shots (20 points).

North Cambs lost narrowly by 24-20 points in the home game against Northants.

Silver Vase: R Dack, G Ralling, L Humphreys 15, Northants 27; P Thorpe, J Bellamy, L Garlick 17, Northants 27; L Johnson, B Marney, H Chapman 14, Northants 33; P Adams, P Batchelor, P Wood 15, Northants 34; D Rippin, B Reeve, E Philips 14, Northants 32; L Stanton, W Featherstone, L Clare 26, Northants 24. North Cambs 101 shots (2 points), Northants 177 shots (20 points).

Donald Steward: J Anderson, J Gobles, A Halsey 32, Northants 13; M Waterson, J Warren, D Wright 18, Northants 25; A Engledow, J Jolley, C Wadlow 22, Northants 27; L Darch, S Tolladay, C Jackson 26, Northants 19; C Gollands, J Clifton, S Chandler 25, Northants 23; J Hearle, N West, L Quibell 27, Northants 25. North Cambs 150 shots (18 points), Northants 132 shots (4 points).