Parker and Cousins lead the way for Fenland

MARCH Marlins swimmers hosted the Junior Fenland League first round at the George Campbell Swimming Pool on Saturday and achieved a total of 17 personal bests.

Final score for the evening: Cambridge 176, Wisbech 146, Huntingdon 119, March Marlins 107 and First Strokes 83.

Mark Johnson set four new best times – in the individual medley, 50m butterfly, 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle; Gemma McGowan had pbs in the 50m backstroke and 25m butterfly; Jessie TraeGoffe in the 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly; and also setting new best times were Katie Mcgowan, Jemma Toombs Jake Hoy, Amy Wilson, Jack Tremain, Robert Conyard, Jacob Halls, and Alfie Macintyre.

First places went to Mark Johnson in the individual medley, Jacob Halls 50m breaststroke, Luke Cable 50m butterfly and Robert Conyard 50m freestyle; 2nd places went to Mark Johnson 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly, Luke Cable 50m breaststroke, Jack Tremain 50m breaststoke (aged 9) and 50m breaststroke (aged 10), Sam Vardon 50m breaststroke and Gemma McGowan 25m butterfly; 3rd places Alfie McIntyre 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke, Jessie Trae-Goffe 50m breaststroke, Sam Vardon 50m backstroke, Sam Green 50m freestyle, Jacob Halls 50m breaststroke, and Luke Cable 50m butterfly.

Other swimmers on the night included Charlie Revell, Jake Hoy, Siobhan Halliday, Rebecca Fitzsimons, Amber Freshwater, Amy Kenning, Kahra Cottam and Amy Wilson

For more information on March Marlins call on 07920194419.

Wisbech Swimming Club started well as Oliver Newton and Hannah Brown both won their respective 100m individual medley races; Oliver and Hannah set new personal best times and beat the set cut-off times.

Other winners were Phoebe Gallagher, James Dobler, Alice Dennis, Tom Hewitt, Millie Hopkisson, Kate Newton and Grace Cherry, with Kate, Phoebe and Grace beating the cut-off times. Tom Locke made his debut for the team and won the 50m freestyle.

Also making their debuts in the JFL, were Jordan Broda, Molly Trevor, Jack Lane and Rio Howlett.

A total of 21 personal best times were set during the evening.

1st places: Oliver Newton 12u 100m ind medley pb, Hannah Brown 12u 100m ind mMedley pb, Phoebe Gallagher 12u 50m freestyle pb, James Dobler 10u 50m backstroke, Tom Locke 10u 50m freestyle pb, Alice Dennis 11u 50m backstroke pb, Tom Hewitt 12u 50m breaststroke, Millie Hopkisson 12u 50m breaststroke pb, Kate Newton 13u 50m freestyle, Grace Cherry 12u 50m butterfly.

2nd: Kate Newton 13u 50m backstroke pb, 13u 50m breaststroke, Alice Dennis 11u 50m butterfly pb, Jacob Rhodes 11u 50m freestyle, Oliver Newton 12u 50m backstroke pb, 12u 50m butterfly, Grace Cherry 12u 50m backstroke pb, Liam Carey 13u 50m freestyle pb, Jack Lane 9yrs 50m backstroke pb, 8x25m squadron relay James Dobler, Rio Howlett, Joshua Jeffries, Alice Dennis, Robson Pack, Phoebe Gallagher, Oliver Newton, Kate Newton,

3rd: Joshua Jeffries 11u 50m butterfly pb, 11u 50m breaststroke, Robson Pack 12u 50m freestyle pb, 13u 50m butterfly, 13u 100m ind medley, Tom Hewitt 13u 50m breaststroke, Kayley Hawes 10u 50m backstroke pb, Emily Kelly 11u 50m freestyle, 11u 50m breaststroke, Cree Howlett 13u 50m butterfly pb, 13u 100m ind medley pb, Jack Lane 9yrs 50m breaststroke, Molly Trevor 9yrs 50m breaststroke pb, James Dobler 10u 25m butterfly.