Peacock sets 100m world record

Jonnie Peacock
Jonnie Peacock
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JONNIE Peacock, from Doddington, has set a new 100 metres world record in amputee sprinting at the US Paralympic track and field trials at the weekend.

His time of 10.85 secs beat those set by both Oscar Pistorius and the 2004 Paralympic champion Marlon Shirley.

Single leg amputee Peacock (19) was 0.06 seconds faster than the previous record set by Shirley in 2007.

“All I’ve been asking for is a tail wind and I finally got one,” said Peacock after the race.

“This was only my fifth race this year. I’ve had headwinds for the two decent races I’ve run. Now I am looking forward to the London Paralympics,” he added.

Reigning Paralympic champion Pistorius, who beat Peacock at May’s BT Paralympic World Cup, used Twitter to offer his congratulations: “Well done, great to see progress in the sport! Looking forward to a very fast race at London 2012.”

Peacock was just five when he contracted meningitis. The disease killed tissues in his right leg, forcing doctors to amputate the limb from below the knee. He went on to have a number of skin grafts and muscle also had to be detached from behind his knee so a prosthetic leg could be fitted.