President watches on

North Cambs played at home against Norfolk, in front of the visiting national EBF president Stewart Milner, on Saturday with both the Adams and Newton teams losing.

The Adams played well at March Town BC, winning three rinks but lost overall by 23 shots. Newton, playing at St Lawrence BC, started very well but fell away against a good side.

Adams result: Lost 6-16 points, 150–173 shots. P Porter, E Clarke, John Fox 17-32; J Ivatt, R Fowler, I Lawson 18-27; J Chambers, E Dilnot, R Allen 28-25; S Engledow, K Bellamy, R Daw 27-25; A Hailes, A Overton, F Howard 23-42; R Croxford, John Hines, R Jackson 37-22.

Newton: Lost 0-22 pts, 127-188. B Fletcher, B Plater, J Betts 22-29; A Jealous, L Smith, K Stammers 23-27; C Clark, A Wright, M Hartopp 28-34; S Smith, D Wakefield, D Mann 17-38; P Cross, R Blackmore, K Cole 17-30; J Allenson, R Barr, D Turner 20-30.

North Cambs are holding their county outdoor finals on July 22, 23 and 24 at March Town BC. For full details see